Our Team

To contact the clinic please call either the clinic or director. Please do not contact faculty by email as it is not a secure form of communication.

Supervisor Headshot Dr. Ekstrom
Dr. Hannah Ekstrom, Psy.D., Director, Supervisor

Hello! I'm Dr. Ekstrom (she/her), and I joined the University of Alaska Anchorage’s psychology faculty in 2021 as a Term Assistant Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Psychological Services Center (PSC) after working in community mental health and integrated behavioral healthcare settings in both clinical and administrative positions. Outside of the university, I serve as the Ethics Committee Chair and Early Career Psychologist for the Alaska Psychological Association where I work with our mental health providers to support a community of ethical practice, advocate for psychology in Alaska, and offer ethics consultations. As a faculty member, I get to focus on clinical training and clinical supervision for our graduate students.  In my role as a clinical supervisor, I support each student exploring their emerging professional identity as a behavioral health provider.  Using primarily a competency development model, we work together to develop foundational clinical and professional skills.  I earned my Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Alaska Pacific University and Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology and Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from the University of Alaska Anchorage. In my work as an educator, psychologist, supervisor, and director my areas of interest include health equity, interprofessional and multidisciplinary practice, trauma informed care, program development and evaluation, and working with vulnerable and underserved populations. 

Supervisor Headshot Kevin Tarlow
Dr. Kevin Tarlow, Ph.D., Supervisor
Dr. Kevin Tarlow is a Licensed Psychologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage. He also supervises graduate student clinicians at the UAA Psychological Services Center.

Dr. Tarlow received his Bachelor of Science in psychology from Texas A&M University, Master of Arts and Master of Education in counseling from Columbia University, and doctorate in counseling psychology from Texas A&M University. He also completed a postdoctoral fellowship in telebehavioral health care at the Texas A&M University School of Public Health. Dr. Tarlow has held faculty positions at Texas A&M University and Hampton University.
Dr. Kim Headshot
Dr. Steffi Kim, Supervisor

My name is Steffi Kim, Ph.D. I am a licensed clinical community psychologist. After gaining my degree at the University of Alaska in 2020, I started working in private practice and conducting research related to aging well in Alaska Native communities, dementia-related issues, and caregiving. I joined the University of Alaska Anchorage’s psychology faculty in 2023 as an assistant professor in the psychology department. As a clinical supervisor, I seek to foster student’s professional development through competency-based supervision.

Dr. Dulin Headshot
Dr. Patrick Dulin, Ph.D., Supervisor

Dr. Patrick Dulin is a licensed psychologist and professor in the UAA Psychology Department where he has worked since 2008. Since graduating from his PhD program in Counseling Psychology from the University of Utah in 2000, he has held academic and clinical positions at Massey University in New Zealand and the San Francisco VA Medical Center. In his current work at the UAA Psychological Services Center he provides clinical supervision of UAA PhD students in the psychological assessment practicum.

Adam Headshot
Adam, Student Clinician

Hi, my name is Adam (he/him)! I’m a first-generation Lebanese American who was born and raised here in Anchorage. I’m also a student clinician in UAA’s Master of Science in Clinical Psychology program. I have extensive professional experience working in a residential setting with adolescents experiencing substance use and mental health disorders, although I currently work full-time as a social worker in an inpatient psychiatric setting. I really enjoy working and developing connections with people from all walks of life. Above all, I try to provide a warm, relaxed, and flexible environment in the therapy room so that we can explore your thoughts and feelings without shame or judgment.

Fun facts: I used to be a biology student and worked with birds. I love fishing, traveling, games, and tattoos. 

Alicia Headshot
Alicia, Student Clinician

Hello! My name is Alicia, and I use she/her pronouns. I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Currently, I am a first-year student in the Master of Clinical Psychology program at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA). I work as a student clinician at the Psychological Services Center (PSC) under the supervision of Dr. Hannah Ekstrom.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from UAA in 2020. My professional background includes working at Southcentral Foundation's Child and Family Developmental Services clinic, where we focused on pediatric developmental diagnostics. Additionally, I have experience with Hope Community Resources, supporting disabled populations, and working with the geriatric population at the Department of Health's Senior and Disabilities Services in the State of Alaska.

I am grateful for the diverse experiences and knowledge I have gained from working with various populations. As a student clinician, I am open to various therapeutic styles, as I believe all modalities have value and utility. My primary goal as your clinician is to foster a healthy healing environment and collaborate with you to achieve your goals.

Cole Headshot
Cole, Student Clinician

Hello, my name is Cole (he/him). I’m a second-year student in the M.S. in Clinical Psychology program at UAA. I grew up in Wisconsin and earned my bachelor’s degree at UW-Stevens Point, where I majored in Psychology and Philosophy and minored in Neuroscience and Behavior. I’m a Student Clinician at the PSC under the supervision of Dr. Kim. This is my first semester working in a clinical setting in which I’ll be working as a counselor. My current clinical interests include substance use, depression, and anxiety. I am also interested in providing treatment to couples at some point. When delivering clinical services, I aim to foster a therapeutic relationship with clients that is strong and one in which we can collaborate with one another in a way that suits them and that helps them get to where they want to be. In my free time I like to take walks, read, and play videogames.

Lauren Headshot
Lauren, Student Clinician

Hello! My name is Lauren and my pronouns are she/her. I am a doctoral student in the Clinical-Community Psychology program at UAA and a student clinician at the PSC supervised by Dr. Patrick Dulin. I believe that therapy is a safe space for clients to be vulnerable, and I seek to create a therapeutic environment in which everyone feels respected, supported, and welcomed. My interests include working with clients who have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault, clients in the perinatal period, LGBTQIA+ clients, and working on topics surrounding sexual health. I value using a client-centered approach to therapy, incorporating dialectical behavior therapy skills building, cognitive behavioral therapy, and interpersonal therapy approaches. With training in community psychology, I also seek to understand how systems and systemic barriers impact individuals through marginalization and oppression and seek to help clients develop solutions with these systems in mind. As a researcher, I am currently engaged in projects involving perceptions of domestic violence and state-funded overdose prevention in Alaskan communities. I also look forward to exploring more research topics such as sexual well-being, perinatal health, and suicide. 

Sofia Headshot
Sofia, Student Clinician

My name is Sofia, and I use she/her pronouns. I am a doctoral student in the Clinical-Community Psychology program at UAA and am a student clinician in the Psychological Services Center supervised by Dr. Patrick Dulin conducting psychodiagnostic and neuropsychological assessments. I identify as queer and strive to create a therapeutic and testing environment that is welcome and accepting for individuals of all genders and sexual identities. With training in both clinical and community psychology, I aim to take a systems approach to understanding an individual's problems and potential solutions, considering how an individual interacts with their friends and family and broader community and culture. This includes the marginalization and oppression that an individual may experience due to the identities they hold. As a doctoral student, I am currently engaged in community-based research with the gender and sexual minority community in Anchorage and sexual health research with Alaskan teens.

Tanner Headshot
Tanner, Student Clinician

Hello, my name is Tanner. I am a student clinician in the PSC under the supervision of Dr. Hannah Ekstrom. I am currently pursuing my master’s in clinical psychology and intend to go into private practice following my graduation. I am generally interested in providing treatment to individuals experiencing a wide range of symptoms including those associated with anxiety, depression, phobias, PTSD, and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. 

Clinician Headshot Peter
Peter, Clinic Coordinator

My name is Peter (he/his), and I am a first-year student in the Ph.D. in Clinical-Community Psychology at UAA following one year in the M.S. in Clinical Psychology program.

I was born and raised in Fairbanks and earned my B.A. in Psychology and Business Administration at Western Colorado University. I previously worked with adults and youth who were involved in the criminal justice system in rural Colorado and was a coach for my alma mater’s ski/snowboard team for several years, both of which inspired me to pursue a career as a mental health professional. I am incredibly grateful to return to Alaska for graduate training and aspire to work with Alaskans and Alaskan communities as a future psychologist.