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Presentations will be at the Conference.

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Important: This year there is an additional requirement for submitting a poster or oral presentation--a Graphical Abstract. A Graphical Abstract is a single, concise, pictorial and visual summary of the main findings of an article or presentation. Below is one example of a graphical abstract, and following that are links to additional examples of research articles that include graphical abstracts.

Cruising Predator: Visual sweep, freeze. Approaching Predator: Visual loom, flight.
Graphical Abstract from "Vision Guides Selection of Freeze or Flight Defense Strategies in Mice" (De Franceschi, Vivattanasarn, Saleem, & Solomon, 2016)

The quality of your graphical abstract will NOT be used to determine whether your overall submission is accepted. Instead, graphical abstract submissions will automatically be entered into a separate competition. Winners may be awarded small prizes and/or may see their abstracts displayed during the conference.

Please enter information about your proposed presentation at BSCN in the survey below. You may propose either a poster or an oral presentation.   

Poster Presentation Submissions:

Please submit a 50-100 word abstract for a poster presentation. You do not need to have your study complete to submit as a poster. Please describe the study purpose, methods, and anticipated results or hypotheses in your abstract.

Oral Presentation Submissions:

Please submit a 50-100-word abstract for an oral presentation at BSCN. You should have completed (or nearly completed) your data collection at the time of your submission. You should briefly describe the study's purpose, methods, and results in your abstract. Oral presentations will be 15 minutes in length (12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions). 

Multiple Submissions:

If you plan to make multiple submissions, please complete this form for each presentation. You will need to exit the survey at the end, then open a new survey.

If you have any question about your submission, please contact Dr. Gwen Lupfer,