CMH Curriculum Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Children's Mental Health prepares graduate students and post graduates to practice children's mental health using principles and methods from interprofessional sources to assist in the mental health promotion, prevention, and treatment of children and their families. The certificate will strengthen competencies for work in social work, psychology, and other jobs that specialize in infant, early childhood, and/or adolescent children's mental health. The program builds on the knowledge and skills acquired through current or previous master's level study in these or related fields.

This graduate certificate is designed to supplement each student's existing experience and academic preparation through the way each candidate achieves the program outcomes. Therefore, few specific required courses are listed in the graduation requirements, since individual graduate studies plans may vary based on the specific interprofessional focus of each candidate. The faculty advisors will follow the program's academic preparation requirements to guide coursework selections. Students develop advanced knowledge and competencies for working with infant, early childhood, and/or adolescent children's mental health issues as well as interprofessional skills for working in Alaska's systems of care.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the Graduate Certificate in Children's Mental Health must:

  • Complete the Admission Requirements for Graduate Certificates.
  • Complete the Children’s Mental Health Graduate Certificate Application, which can be found on the program website.
  • Have graduated from or currently be students in an accredited or approved graduate program of social work, psychology, special education, or a related field.
  • Have completed a course in child development.

Graduation Requirements

Course List
Code Title Credits
Advanced Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health

Child Clinical Psychology

PSY/EDSE/SWK A691 Children's Mental Health Systems of Care 3
Complete 3 credits of advisor-approved graduate-level coursework in each of the following areas: 6
Family systems and family-centered practice  
Specialty content coursework in children's behavior health    
Total   12

A minimum of 12 credits is required for the certificate.