PSY A495A: Statement of Support

To be successful in a community placement, students enrolled in the Psychology Practicum require a variety of prerequisite personal and professional skills. These prerequisite skills will determine whether the student can represent the Psychology Department well within the greater Anchorage and Alaska communities. Failure to demonstrate these prerequisite skills may jeopardize the student’s ability to successfully complete the course, and may damage existing partnerships between the Psychology Department and community agencies.

As a condition of enrollment in PSY A495A Psychology Practicum, the student should be able to identify one instructor from the Psychology Department who can attest that the student demonstrates the following basic competencies prior to enrollment:

  • Commitment to Learning: Academic and life-management skills, such as managing personal and academic commitments, managing stress, critical thinking, problem solving, timeliness, quality participation in class, and an ability to self-assess and correct academic performance.

  • Professional Demeanor: Appropriate emotional and psychological well-being, freedom from significant impairments that would affect one’s ability to perform as a trusted helping professional, patience, and courteous interactions with others.

  • Responsibility: The ability to fulfill professional commitments, to demonstrate reliable contributions and effective work habits, the ability to act and respond in a variety of situations with honesty and integrity, and knowledge about basic ethical standards.

  • Interpersonal Skills: The ability to interact respectfully and effectively with a variety of others, to establish appropriate and professional interpersonal relationships, and openness to corrective feedback and constructive criticism.

  • Communication Skills: Ability to communicate effectively (i.e. listening, speaking, body language, reading, writing) for varied audiences and purposes.

  • Problem Solving: The ability to recognize and define problems, analyze literature and collect data, brainstorm possible solutions, and the ability to reach out for additional resources and support.

To submit a statement of support, please contact the instructor via email and indicate that the student demonstrates these prerequisite skills to enroll in the Psychology Practicum. Please copy the student for whom the statement is being submitted in that email.