Conference Schedule

10:30 AM: Opening Keynote Address
"Beyond the Individual: The Role of Communities in Acculturation Science" 
Sara L. Buckingham, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Alaska Anchorage

11:30-NOON  Undergraduate Student Oral Presentations: First Session 

  • "Shakira Was Right, Hips Don't Lie: Waist to Hip Ratio & Lumbar Curvature" Nicole Zegiestowsky
  • "Accuracy of Caloric Expenditure and Intake Estimations Post Hypothetical Exercise Scenario" Annika Flynn

NOON-1:30: Poster Presentations, Lunch, & Graphical Abstract Voting 

1:30 – 2:15 PM: Undergraduate Student Oral Presentations: Second Session

  • "Time as a Dosage Effect on the Benefits of Digital Gaming" Alice Williams
  • "Feeding a Friend: Empathy in Rats Explored Through Reciprocal Allogrooming" Hannah Pryce
  • "Difficulties in the Recognition of Arguments and Explanations" Jonathan Yuquimpo

2:30-3:30 PM: Closing Keynote Address  
"We're All Mixed Up": The Demographics of Diversity in Anchorage
Chad R. Farrell, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology, University of Alaska Anchorage

3:30 PM: Awards Ceremony 

Poster Presentations

  • "The Association of Belief in a Biological Vulnerability to Alcohol Problems with Depression and Drinking to Cope" Adrienne G. Hampton, Vivian M. Gonzalez
  • "Shift versus stay foraging behaviors of male Wistar rats in a T-maze" Benjamin Richardson
  • "Effects of Qualitatively Different Reinforcers on Operant Responding" Mary Pharr
  •  "Within-session decreases in operant responding occurs more slowly with highly preferred flavors" Mary Pharr
  •  "Arthritis, Chronic Neck and Back Pain, and Headache Relationships with Psychological and Pain Variables" Kelcie McCafferty, Annika Flynn, Sara Borges, Andrew Richie, & Anayansi Lombardero
  •  "Effects of Social Enrichment on Adjusting to a Fixed-Interval Schedule Following Variable-Ratio Conditioning" Cassandra Anderson
  •  "The Relationship of Sign-Tracking, Food Restriction, and Reinforcer Devaluation on Within-Session Changes in Operant Responding" Annika Flynn
  •  "An Assessment of Three Strategies to Teach College Students to Pour Standard Serving Sizes of Beer, Wine, and Liquor" Makenzie Heatherly, Mychal Machado, Bethany Munen