Dance in Performance 2015

one dancer draped over the back of two dancers sitting on the floor

Showdates: November 5 - 8, 2015

The UAA Department of Theatre and Dance proudly presents UAA DANCE in Performance, showcasing 7 dynamic choreographers and 21 energetic performers in an evening full of dances packed with choreographic innovation.

Diversity in both choreographic styles and ideas are the distinguishing features of this production. UAA Theatre and Dance faculty member Brian Jeffery is joined by the next generation of Alaskan contemporary choreographers Arlo Davis, Crystal Dosser, Racin Engstrom, Taylor Hicks, Katie O’Loughlin and Carmel Young. With fresh ideas and stylish expression these emerging choreographers have all been outstanding contributors to numerous Dance Program productions in recent years.

Performance run time: 90 minutes with no intermission

Performances held at the Harper Studio Theatre, 3700 Alumni Drive, Anchorage, AK 99508

  • Program


    Choreography: Brian Jeffery
    Music: Tosca
    Lighting Design: Daniel J. Anteau
    Performers: Saquoia Arias, AJ Carino, Crystal C. Dosser, Racin Engstrom, Katie Haxby, Rique Hill, Katie O’Loughlin, Carmel Young

    Choreographer’s note: “I’m inspired by the generous, intriguing and playful personalities that are part of this particular cast of dancers. Big thanks to the performers for their contributions of movement material.”


    Choreography: Crystal C. Dosser
    Music: Really Slow Motion
    Lighting Design: Ray Leonard
    Costumes: Crystal C. Dosser|
    Performers: Saqoia Arias, Azja Banks, Olivia Brown, Melissa Downey, Kimberly McGrath

    Choreographer’s note: “An exploration into identity integration. “The Ideal Woman” is an ever changing pedestal women are measured by as a standard in society. Easily falsified by digital technology. How does the “individual” consolidate fantasy to reality?”


    Choreography: Katie O’Loughlin
    Music: Bethel Music
    Lighting Design: Ray Leonard
    Costumes: Denice Jewell
    Performers: Taylor Hicks, Katie O’Loughlin, Carmel Young

    Choreographers Note: “A step out of time to simply be present.”

    Dandelion Fields 

    Choreography: Racin Engstrom
    Music: Al-pha-X, Punch Brothers
    Lighting Design: Kyle Campbell
    Costumes: Diesel X
    Performers: Stephanie Brenner, Jeff Brion, Carley Campbell, AJ Carino, Racin Engstrom, Rebecca Lee, Kimberly McGrath, Courtney Meneses

    Choreographer’s note: “A collaboration of individuals exploring the

    internal meaning of stress and the weighted release when that stress dissipates into thin air.”


    Choreography & Performer: Arlo Nasruk Davis
    Sound Score: Hunn Huur Tu, Shlohmo
    Lighting Design: Daniel J. Anteau
    Costume: Arlo

    Choreographers note: “What is authentic culture? To ask this invites us to examine our conscience, our sense of right and wrong, and what it takes for that working relationship to be maintained.”

    Time Stops

    Choreography: Carmel Young
    Music: Unkle
    Lighting Design: Daniel J. Anteau
    Costumes: Diesel X
    Performers: Katie Haxby, Rique Hill, Courtney Meneses

    Choreographer’s note: “The troubles of this world pass, and what we have left is what we have made of our souls.”

    Seven Secrets

    Choreography: Taylor Hicks
    Music: Hippie Sabotage, Camo & Krooked
    Lighting Design: Kyle Campbell
    Costumes: Diesel X
    Performers: Jeff Brion, Olivia Brown, AJ Carino, Jocelyn Hanson, Rebecca Lee, Courtney Meneses, Katrina Thomas

    Choreographer’s note: “We’re all on a mission, the question is, what are we seeking, and what are we going to do to get what we want.”

  • Production Crew

    UAA Dance in Performance Director: Brian Jeffery
    Production Manager & Dance Technical Director: Daniel Anteau
    Stage Manager: Alicia Brown
    Assistant Stage Manager: Jake Beauvais
    Board Operator: Sarah Evenson
    WardrobeAngela Colavecchio
    Master Electrician: Kyle Campbell
    Lighting Crew: Kyle Campbell, Ray Leonard, THR 131

    Event Support Assistants: Aleksander Altukhov, Katie Bailey-Nixon, Jonathan Heynen, Luda Steadman
    Videographer: Cedar Cussins
    Poster Design: Jessica Pervier-Brown
    Program and Additional Publicity: Brian Cook

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