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By Harold Pinter

Showdates: April 19-21, 2019

Emma journeys back through scattered memories, and seeks to reveal all sides in an affair she had with her husband’s best friend, Jerry. What is said and what is meant in this story are two different things. Nine years later, as Emma and Jerry reflect on the affair, will they come to the conclusion that it was the ultimate betrayal or something deeper?

Performance run time: 1 hour

Performances held in the UAA Harper Studio Theatre, 3700 Alumni Drive, Anchorage, AK 99508

  • Cast

    Emma, Alexandra McCall
    Jerry, Ben Hagensieker
    Robert, Chase Knutson

    Alexandra McCall (Emma) is a theatre student at UAA and will be graduating this spring. Previous roles at the university include Lysistrata in Lysistrata (2019), Mench in the touring production The New Kid (2018), Grace Fryer in Radium Girls (2017), Suzanne in Picasso at the Lapin Agile (2017), and Viola in Twelfth Night (2014) among others. Betrayal is Alexandra’s last show at UAA as a student. She is grateful to have spent these final hectic days of college working on this project with her friends.

    Ben Hagensieker (Jerry) studies theatre and dance at UAA. Recent performances include I Will Wait, New Kid, student directed plays Family 2.0 and Murder by Midnight, Lysistrata, as well as the Fall 2018/Spring 2019 UAA Student Dance Showcases.

    Chase Knutson (Robert) is a junior at UAA. Chase is always living in the fast lane, whether it’s talking with scholars about the ethics of living off of nothing but hot fudge pop tarts and Rice Krispie treats, or literally driving slightly above the speed limit to get to class on time. He is always looking for a good time. This will be his second production at UAA; his first being last semester’s Playhouse Creatures. He hopes that everyone comes and sees the show and has the time to say “hi” afterwards.

  • Creative

    Director, Paitton Reid
    Directing Advisor, Brian Cook
    Stage Manager, Kaeli Meno
    Scenic Designer, Daniel Glen Carlgren, Meghan Staford
    Scenic Design Advisor, Daniel Glen Carlgren
    Costume Designer, Matthew Meyer
    Costume Design Advisor, Colleen Alexis Metzger
    Lighting Designer, Krisha Manuel
    Lighting Design Advisor, Daniel J. Anteau
    Sound Designer, Daniel Glen Carlgren, Paitton Reid
    Props Master, Paitton Reid

    Paitton Reid (Director) will be graduating May 2019. She is directing Betrayal as a part of her honors thesis project where she is researching different methodologies in how to approach the Pinter pause. The main part of her thesis research includes finding out what exercises work for actors to employ subtext. Other shows she has directed are The Perfect Red and her reimagination of Woyzeck by Georg Büchner titled (Woyzeck). Roles she’s performed include the outspoken Mrs. Rebecca Marshall in Playhouse Creatures and a part-time bartender, full-time conspiracy theorist, June, who she created in UAA’s devised show Earthquake ‘64. She has also worked with the devising company Ping Chong + Co. as a Production Assistant for their show Alaxsxa | Alaska while they toured in Anchorage. She loves collaborating and her goal as a theatre artist is to always be challenging the status quo. After college is when “the great work begins” for her.

    Dr. Brian Cook is assistant professor of theatre at UAA. He received his PhD in Theatre Arts from the University of Oregon, and his MA from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and King’s College, London. At UAA, he’s directed several shows, including And Then There Were None and Stalking the Bogeyman, and he appeared on stage in Picasso at the Lapin Agile. His research focuses on contemporary British theatre, particularly on the work of the Cherub Company in the United Kingdom and abroad. Brian has presented at various conferences and has published in Theatre History Studies, Theatre Survey, Performing Arts Resources and the LMDA Sourcebook. He previously ran the untitled Theatre Company which toured a short play dealing with interpersonal violence to schools and volunteer organizations, and he has worked at professional theatres in upstate New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, Florida, and the U.K.

    Kaeli Meno (Stage Manager) is going on her fourth year at UAA as a history and theatre dual major. This is Kaeli’s first time stage managing although she was the ASM for Dance Show 2016 and Working. It has been an enlightening experience as to the depth of stage management, and she is grateful that it’s for Paitton’s honors thesis. She has also directed Drowning Girls. She was the props master for New Kid and the dramaturg for Lysistrata. She would like to thank the cast and crew for all their hard work and hopes that you enjoy the show!

    Daniel Glen Carlgren is currently the faculty scenic designer, projection designer, and technical director at the University of Alaska Anchorage. He received his BFA from Southern Oregon University in 2001 and his MFA from University of Oregon in 2012. Daniel’s recent credits include scenic and projection design, and technical direction for 44 Plays for 44 Presidents, Night of the Iguana, SPAMalot, Twelfth Night, and many others. Daniel has also worked on the automation for Julie Taymor’s Grendal and Wagner’s Ring Cycle for the Los Angeles Opera and Disney’s Aladdin at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, Washington. Daniel has worked as a scenery, staging and rigging specialist in the entertainment industry for many years.

    Meghan Stanford (Scenic Designer) is originally from Chippewa Falls, WI. She is a senior theatre major here at UAA, with her studies focused around scenic design and technical direction. She currently works as an employee in the UAA scene shop. Her past credits include assistant scenic designer for Working, Radium Girls, and Earthquake ’64, scenic designer for Rain and Zoe Save the World and Playhouse Creatures, and lighting designer for many of UAA’s dance productions. Meghan will be graduating from UAA this spring and will start her MFA in the fall for scenic design at Ohio State University.

    Matthew Meyer (Costume Designer) is a theatre major here at UAA who is no stranger to performing on stage, but this is his first time being a part of the design process. He’s ecstatic to be working with such a talented group of costumers, whose hard work and dedication made his designs come to life. He’s thankful for this opportunity, and he wishes Paitton nothing but the best in her future endeavors: “May the life you lead be more colorful than my designs.”

    Colleen Alexis Metzger is a costume designer and technician whose work has taken her across the country. She has worked for the Santa Fe Opera in New Mexico, the Glimmerglass Opera in New York, The Barter Theatre in Virginia, Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan, Chautauqua Opera in New York, Perseverance Theatre in Juneau, Portland Stage Company in Maine, and most recently, Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts.

    Krisha-Nicole Manuel (Lighting Designer) is a senior at UAA majoring in theatre with a concentration in technical design. She has designed sound in most of the recent shows such as Playhouse Creatures, Rain and Zoe Save the World, and New Kid, and also designed lights for New Dances 2018. She has an affinity for art, technology, videography, and gaming, and hopes to show her creativity in one or all of these fields someday.

    Daniel J. Anteau received a B.A. from the University of Alaska Anchorage and his M.F.A. in Lighting Design from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. In his academic career he has taught for the University of Alaska Anchorage as term technical director/lighting designer and The University of Hawaii as Assistant professor in Lighting Design and Technical Director. After returning to the University of Alaska Anchorage he now serves as professor in design and production manager. Daniel is also the academic advisor for the design and technical students, manages the light shop as well as sound, projections, and special effects. Professionally, Daniel’s lighting designs have been seen across Alaska & Hawaii, to New York City, and internationally to Africa. In Hawaii, Daniel continues to stay active as lighting designer working with Manoa Valley Theatre on their summer production.

  • Crew

    Technical Director, Daniel Glen Carlgren, Meghan Stanford
    Production Manager, Daniel Glen Carlgren, Brian Cook
    Dialect Coach, Ty Hewitt
    Stage Manager, Brian Cook

    Scene Shop Supervisor, Kasey Murphey
    Scene Shop Assistants, Meghan Stanford, Myranda Bailey, Paitton Reid
    Scenic Painters, Students enrolled in THR 491
    Scenic Carpentry, Students enrolled in THR 141, 295, 495
    Scenic Artist, Myranda Bailey

    Costume Shop Supervisor, Kaie Promish
    Costume Shop Assistants, Brighton Coggins, Hannah Coyne, Lydia Thomas Wardrobe, Kayla Gonzalez, Morrigan Kellen, Katie Radford, Petra Murray
    Drapers, Brighton Coggins, Lydia Thomas, Hannah Coyne, Rhiannon Fleener, Brooke Vencill
    Costume Construction, Tayla Hansen, Kat Banner, Kayla Gonzalez, Olivia Siegel, Chardonnay Stone

    Light & Sound
    Light Board Operator, Andrew Miller
    Sound Board Operator, Lydia Thomas

    Communications & Graphic Design: Asia Bauzon
    House Manager: Lawrence Wynn
    Box Office: Kylie Vanni, Cedar Cussins

  • Production Photos
    A. McCall (1)
    A. McCall (2)
    A. McCall (3)
    B. Hagensieker (1)
    C. Knutson & B. Hagensieker (1)
    A. McCall and B. Hagensieker (1)
    B. Hagensieker (2)
    A. McCall (4)
    A. McCall and B. Hagensieker (2)
    C. Knutson & B. Hagensieker (2)
    A. McCall (5)
    C. Knutson & B. Hagensieker (3)
    A. McCall and B. Hagensieker (3)
    A. McCall (6)
    C. Knutson & B. Hagensieker (4)
    Cast of Betrayal (1)
    Cast of Betrayal (2)
    Bell Bottoms
    A. McCall (7)
    C. Knutson & A. McCall (1)
    C. Knutson & B. Hagensieker (5)
    A. McCall (8)
    A. McCall and B. Hagensieker (4)
    Cast of Betrayal (3)
    C. Knutson & A. McCall (2)
    Cast of Betrayal
    C. Knutson & A. McCall (3)
    A. McCall (9)
    C. Knutson & A. McCall (4)
    A. McCall (10)
    A. McCall and B. Hagensieker (5)
    A. McCall and B. Hagensieker (6)
    A. McCall (11)
    B. Hagensieker (3)
    C. Knutson & A. McCall (5)
    A. McCall and B. Hagensieker (7)
    C. Knutson & A. McCall (6)
    A. McCall and B. Hagensieker (8)
    B. Hagensieker (4)
    A. McCall (12)
    A. McCall (13)
    A. McCall and B. Hagensieker (9)
    B. Hagensieker (5)
    B. Hagensieker (6)
    C. Knutson (1)
    A. McCall and B. Hagensieker (10)
    A. McCall and B. Hagensieker (11)
    B. Hagensieker (7)
    Cast of Betrayal (4)
    B. Hagensieker (8)
    Cast of Betrayal (5)
    A. McCall (14)
    A. McCall (15)
    Cast of Betrayal (6)
    A. McCall (16)
    A. McCall and B. Hagensieker (12)
    C. Knutson & A. McCall (7)
    B. Hagensieker (9)
    A. McCall and B. Hagensieker (13)
    A. McCall (17)
    A. McCall (18)
    C. Knutson & A. McCall (8)
    C. Knutson & A. McCall (9)
    Cast of Betrayal (7)
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