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2015 GooseFest


UAA Student Activities is hosting our first annual summer music festival, GooseFest! Come enjoy live local music, face painting, tie-dye, food and fun. Participate in games and win swag. It's all happening this Friday in the Cuddy Quad, 3:30–9 p.m.

Kids find their bliss at UAA summer engineering academies

engineering academies 5 2015

UAA summer engineering academies are underway again this year, offering Anchorage youths week-long fun ways to sample different varieties of sciences via robotics, coding, alternative energy, wing aerodynamics and structures.

Father-daughter lab partners


In honor of recent Father's Day, look back on the good times you shared with Dad—like, perhaps, completing a lab report. After inadvertently registering for the same biology class, father-daughter pair Mike and Mindy Graham ended up as lab partners. “I think a lot of people were puzzled by the way we interacted with each other," Mindy laughed.

Postcards Home from Japan: Day Two, Part One in Rikuzentakata


After the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese town of Rikuzentakata is focusing on rebuilding their community to be easily accessible to elderly, visitors and disabled persons. UAA students worked with residents and Japanese students from Iwate University.

Throwing out 'cookbook science'


High school science teacher Debbra Brewer won a "Partners in Science" grant from the Murdock Charitable Trust. She's spent the summer doing research at UAA.

Summer 2015: UA Presidential Candidate Forum Schedule


Meet the candidates for Title IX investigator - June 24–26, 2015


June 24, 2016: Copy & Print Center, Surplus and General Support Services fiscal office opening late


Summer 2015: Sign up for a Continuing Education class


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