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Fall 2015: Early bird shuttles for Finals Week


Dec. 4-5, 2015: UAA Crafts Fair and Claybody Ceramics Sale


Soil drilling work around Providence/Alumni Drive bus stop, Dec. 2


'Equity, activism and free speech: Engaging in productive debates and difficult dialogues' Dec. 3


100Stone: Artist and UAA psychology professor discuss the healing power of art

100stones After the Flood

Fierce tides ripped through the mud figures at Pt. Woronzof, but artist Sarah Davies and UAA professor Rebecca Robinson found common ground in the healing power of 100Stone.

December grad: Nicholas Dighiera and the quest for "one great story"


What drives December grad Nick Dighiera, proud earner of an M.F.A. in creative writing? The drive to write a story that sticks with you—weeks later.

Mapping the Last Frontier

Geomatics Class

You've seen them all over campus, dressed in tangerine vests, armed with tripods and satellite rovers, traipsing across the quad or along the bike trails. Learn more about the growing Geomatics Department, its clubhouse feel and the outdoorsy students that call it home.

Frank von Hippel on the writing and editing life of a scientist


Biologist Frank von Hippel tries to figure out how environmental contaminants affect humans, a field called ecotoxicology. But before he came to science, his first love was writing. How did science affect his writing?

December 2015: UAA Planetarium schedule


Fall 2015: Faculty, RSVP for Commencement and Hooding ceremonies


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