Staff Recognition Award 2017

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Staff recognition Award
The Staff Recognition Award was implemented last year in response to the Staff Morale Survey whereby staff felt unappreciated and insignificant. We, Staff Council, felt it was important to acknowledge and recognize our staff members who go above and beyond what is expected of them. In September, we had our first call for nominations for the academic year. We received more than 40 nominations! It was difficult to choose just one award winner for October. It was the recommendation of the Staff Recognition Committee and Staff Council to award the top three nominations. It was also a great way to catch up for the months we had not awarded this academic year. We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize the May award winner.
May 2017 Kara Joseph - Above and Beyond; Exceptional Customer Service Grant Analyst Anchorage - Office of Sponsored Programs (Kara received the award when she was Office Manager for the Center for Community Engagement & Learning (CCEL)) Kara runs a very complicated office with varied complex tasks that require her to have a very wide range of skills and expertise. The many faculty and students who participate with CCEL value her as a colleague and mentor. The processes and practices she has brought to CCEL have made it possible for the center to empower the practice of community engagement at UAA. Appeal to donate Header
August 2017 Korrena Dunham - Exceptional Customer Service; Positive Role Model and/or Attitude Financial Aid Officer Mat-Su College - Student Services Korrena's goal for each and every day is to go above and beyond her regular workday duties to assist others. It is her personal goal to help each and every student be successful. She puts on the Veteran's Day Affairs every year at the Mat-Su campus; she stands up for all of our Veterans and for everything they have done for our country. She always takes that extra mile for those in need of assistance. Appeal to donate Header
September 2017 Rebekah Moras - Above and Beyond; Initiative Research and Evaluation Professional Anchorage - Center for Human Development (CHD) Rebekah consistently adds energy, innovation and kindness to projects. She hosts booths at various events sharing CHD projects and networking to know what else is going on in the state so that CHD can stay updated and involved in fostering partnerships and building relationships with other groups. She has an empathic, patient-driven, diversity-welcoming and dignity-maintaining perspective. Appeal to donate Header
October 2017 Don Walker - Above and Beyond; Exceptional Customer Service Shuttle Driver Anchorage - Facilities Maintenance and Operations Don's primary concern includes student health and welfare, with good nutrition being top priority on his list. As an ambassador of good will for our students, he provides a "buffet" of snacks such as packaged oatmeal, granola bars, fruit snacks and Top Ramen aboard his shuttle. He also makes it a point to share details with student riders on any free breakfasts and lunch opportunities on campus. It shows Don's unselfish willingness to help feed our students. Appeal to donate Header

Staff Council encourages you to submit nominations to recognize a staff member.
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