Announcing the Upcoming Visual and Navigation Update to Blackboard

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UAA will continue to use Blackboard Learn as our primary online course space and there will be a Blackboard update on August 12 to modernize the appearance and simplify navigation. This is after grades are due for the 5-week and 10-week summer sessions.

What does this mean for courses?
This update does not change anything inside courses. Course menus, content areas, tools, grade centers, etc. will all be the same. Instructors do not need to do anything to courses to prepare for this update!

We will share more detailed information in August to make sure you are comfortable navigating Blackboard. Most users should find the new layout intuitive and easier to use even without that guidance.

What’s changing?
•       Finding your courses will be different. The new entry point will be a Courses tab that is automatically organized by semester and lets you favorite courses for faster access. It includes a search tool to quickly find sections from previous semesters.
•       The institution page (UAA tab in Blackboard) will be easier to use.
•       The new navigation makes it easier for students to track course activity and due dates across mulitple courses.

UAA IT Blackboard Update Screenshot

FD&IS and IT are working with campus stakeholders to coordinate the new Blackboard experience and ensure support staff across UAA have the resources to help.

Where can I get help?
Additional information and how-to guides will be shared in August. If instructors have questions or concerns before then, please email or book a course design session on the Instructional Design appointment calendar.

We’ll continue to keep you posted about this update.

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