Ph.D. in Clinical-Community Psychology

The University of Alaska has been facing serious financial challenges due to the State of Alaska‚Äôs extreme fiscal shortfalls. In light of these challenges, the joint Clinical-Community Psychology PhD program will undergo structural changes and will no longer admit students. Pending UA Board of Regents approval, the UAA-UAF Joint Ph.D. program will be restructured to eliminate the UAF portion of the program. The program will continue at UAA. For information about admission for the UAA Clinical-Community Psychology Ph.D. program, click here

The UAA-UAF Ph.D. Program in Clinical-Community Psychology is accredited as a clinical Psychology program by the American Psychological Association. The UAF-UAA Ph.D. Program in Clinical-Community Psychology is a scientist-practitioner program in clinical psychology that seeks to educate scholars and clinicians, who have strong commitments to research, evaluation, clinical practice, and community-based action, solidly grounded in the cultural contexts of all affected stakeholders. The program integrates clinical, community, and cultural Psychology with a focus on rural, indigenous issues and an applied emphasis on the integration of research and practice. Through combining the spirit of Clinical and Community Psychology, the program promotes contextually-grounded and culturally appropriate research, evaluation, prevention, clinical service, community work, and social action, relevant to individuals, groups, families, and communities

For more information, please click on the following link: The UAF-UAA Ph.D. Program in Clinical-Community Psychology