Weather Closure

University of Alaska Anchorage campus will be closed September 24, 2021 beginning at 6:40 AM, due to weather. Students and employees should check their email for more information. The university will remain closed for the weekend and reopen on Monday morning.

The Alaska Airlines Center will be open Saturday, September 25, for the home volleyball match that afternoon.

Faculty, Staff, and Advising

Undergraduate Advising

David House
Academic Advisor for the Social Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences. 
Phone: (907) 786-4378
Office Location: CPISB 101R

Administrative Support

Anissa Hauser
Psychology Program Coordinator
Phone: (907) 786-1640
Office Location: SSB 303E


Dr. Eric S. Murphy
Director of the Psychology Department
Phone: (907) 786-1626
Office Location: NSB 222


Psychology Department Faculty

The Department has twenty full-time faculty members and nine emeritus faculty. Please consult their web pages, at right, to learn about their teaching and research specializations.

Faculty in the Psychology Ph.D. Program in Clinical-Community Psychology (Drs. Buckingham, David, Dulin, and Gonzalez) are located on the 3rd floor of the Social Sciences Building (SSB suite 303). Most other Psychology faculty offices are located on the second floor of the Natural Sciences Building (NSB). 

Robert Boeckmann
(907) 786-1793
NSB 232
Sara Buckingham
Assistant Professor 
(907) 786-1767
SSB 303F
E.J.R. David
(907) 786-6778
SSB 303H
Patrick Dulin
(907) 786-1653
SSB 303K
Hannah Ekstrom
Term Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of the Psychological Services Center
(907) 786-1758
SSB 255E
Gloria Eldridge
(907) 786-1623
NSB 221
Michelle Fellows
Associate Professor, KPC
(907) 262-0394
Vivian Gonzalez
(907) 786-6779
SSB 303J
Hattie Harvey
Associate Professor 
(907) 786-4464
NSB 228
Veronica Howard
Associate Professor 
(907) 786-6128
NSB 214
Maria Ippolito
(907) 786-1718
NSB 215
Claudia Lampman
Professor, Vice Provost for Student Success 
(907) 786-1619
ADM 211
Gwen Lupfer
Associate Professor 
(907) 786-1722
NSB 224
Mychal Machado
Assistant Professor 
(907) 786-1625
NSB 218
Eric S. Murphy
Professor, Director of Psychology 
(907) 786-1626
SSB 222
Yasuhiro Ozuru
(907) 786-6036
NSB 233
John Petraitis
(907) 786-1651
SSB 335
Patricia Sandberg
(907) 786-1636
NSB 219
Kevin Tarlow
Assistant Professor 
Karen Ward
(907) 264-6229