The UAA Department of Theatre and Dance consists of 8 full-time faculty and numerous adjuncts who teach a wide-variety of dance classes each semester. Our talented faculty has received Fulbright Grants, served as Artistic and Technical Directors, founded dance companies and worked as actors across the United States and abroad. Use the links below to learn more about our world-class instructors. 

Brian Cook | UAA Faculty | UAA Theatre and Dance | Jessica Pervier-Brown/UAA

Dr. Brian Cook
Associate Professor & Department Chair



Colleen Metzger
Colleen Metzger
Associate Professor

 Adjunct Dance Professors

Gabe Harvey
Gabriel Harvey
Hip Hop
Melissa Jabaay
Melissa Jabaay
Contemporary Dance
Dance for Musical Theatre


Shop Supervisors

Kaie Promish
Kaie Promish
Costume Shop Supervisor