Policies & Procedures

Person sitting at laptopBelow are the policies & procedures set by UAA eLearning concerning proctored exams. These guidelines have been set in place to ensure a smooth experience for all students interacting with our office. Questions can be directed to the eLearning office at uaa_eLearning@alaska.edu or (907) 786-1730 [Toll-Free (855) 582-2337].    

  • Submitting a Proctor Request Form

    Submitting a Proctor Request Form

    1. Students are required to submit a proctor request form each semester they are enrolled in a UAA course with proctored exams.
    2. A proctor request form only needs to be submitted once per semester.
    3. Proctor request forms are due by the third week of the semester. Please call the eLearning office if you are submitting a proctor request form after the due date.
    4. If submitting an Alternate Proctor Request Form, please allow the UAA eLearning office 1 week to process the form. We will contact you if questions or concerns arise.
    5. A student is required to test with a preapproved testing site if one is within 20 driving miles of their location. An alternate proctor form may be submitted if a student is not within 20 driving miles of a preapproved testing site.
    6. If you submit a late form & need it processed quickly due to unforeseen circumstances, please call the eLearning office immediately.
    7. The Guidelines for an acceptable alternate proctor are as follows:
        • The proctor cannot be a family member, friend, acquaintance, or coworker.
        • The proctor must be employed by an educational institution or public library. [Examples are a public school system, university campus, etc. (cannot be a substitute teacher or coach)]
        • The proctored exam must occur at the place of business (not a residence) during normal business hours.
        • The proctor must be available to communicate with an eLearning representative for verification before any exam materials are sent out.
        • The proctor must be able to receive email attachments and be able to print any documents needed.
        • The proctor must have access to a scanner or fax machine to send completed exams back to the eLearning Office.
        • For exams requiring a computer, the proctor must have a computer for the student to use with access to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. A student cannot use his/her own computer.
    8. eLearning Staff reserve the right to refuse any submitted proctor request forms that are not deemed suitable for test proctoring.
    9. Falsified forms submitted to eLearning will be turned in to the Dean of Students for immediate action.
    10. UAA eLearning: Distance Student Services is not responsible for any fees that may occur from test proctoring services.
  • Requesting an Appointment 

    Requesting an Appointment           

    1. Available days & hours for the UAA eLearning Test Center are updated on our online calendar.
    2. Appointments are required! Schedule your appointments at least 1 business day in advance but note that we recommend scheduling 1-2 weeks in advance.
    3. Required information to make an appointment is as follows: Student name, phone number, email, school, instructor, course, exam, and the requested date/time.
    4. Appointments can only be made & verified by the student taking the exam.
    5. All appointments scheduled outside of the testing dates set by the instructor will require instructor approval. Approval must be emailed to uaa_eLearning@alaska.edu before the appointment can be scheduled.
    6. Students taking courses from UAF & UAS will need to verify that they have submitted the appropriate exam request before an appointment will be scheduled. We recommend that students request their exams at least 1 week in advance.
    7. All appointment cancellations made by the student require a minimum of 24 hours (or one business day) notice.  Failure to provide proper notification may result in testing center privileges being revoked by eLearning staff until further notice.
  • eLearning Test Center 

    eLearning Test Center           

    1. Missed appointments will result in the student's appointment being removed from the calendar. At this point, the student will need to reschedule their exam to a new date & time.
    2. A student who shows up late to take their exam will be moved to a waiting list; the exam will be administered once there is space in the testing room. If space does not become available, the student is responsible for making the necessary arrangements to test at another date & time.
    3. Students must present valid photo identification to take their exam.
    4. The student's name & ID number must be on all exam materials.
    5. Lockers are provided for students to store their belongings. Due to limited space, it is appreciated that you only bring what is necessary.
    6. The testing room is actively monitored & recorded by surveillance cameras as well as Vision classroom management software.
    7. All electronic devices excluding calculators are required to be powered off & placed in the assigned locker (i.e. cell phones, iPods, PDAs, tablets, etc.).
    8. eLearning staff will assign a testing seat to students after they are signed in for their exam.
    9. All scratch paper is provided - students will not be allowed to use their own.
    10. Students are not permitted to keep any of the following: a copy of the exam, scratch paper, materials used during the test.
    11. Talking in the testing room is prohibited - violators will have their exams confiscated.
    12. Exam passwords will not be given verbally - eLearning staff must type all passwords.
    13. Only materials specified by proctoring guidelines are allowed.
    14. Restroom breaks while testing are not permitted; exams must be completed in one sitting unless otherwise specified.
    15. Children are not permitted in the testing room. Students will not be permitted to leave children in the reception area while taking exams.
    16. Food is not allowed in the test center.
    17. The computers in the eLearning Test Center are for proctored exams only - students will not be allowed to access email, course materials, and other sites unless authorized by the proctor.
    18. Completed paper exams will be sent back to the instructor or campus office within 1-3 business days.
  • Code of Conduct Violation

    Code of Conduct Violation           

    1. In accordance with the University Policies & Regulations regarding academic misconduct, students may not share any information stemming from or relating to the content of the exam with other individuals who are due to take the same exam.
    2. Academic dishonesty/cheating during a proctored exam will result in the exam & any materials immediately being confiscated & turned over to the instructor for further evaluation & decision of the academic action to be taken. Students will be asked to leave the testing area & will be contacted by the instructor pending their decision on the course of action.
    3. Violations of the UAA eLearning Test Center policy and/or the UAA Student Code of Conduct will result in eLearning Staff submitting a report to the Dean of Students Office for review.
    4. To view the Student Code of Conduct brochure please visit the Dean of Students website.

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