Ed Clinton was a fervent supporter of the arts, and a lover of classical music.  Longtime Alaskans remember his passionate support of many of the Anchorage arts organizations, and of the lively social network surrounding Ed's life.  His legendary Christmas parties took up both floors of his business, the Dowland Bach corporation, and attendees could expect to be treated either to live music on one of the two concert grand pianos in his office or to recorded music from his very extensive CD collection, piped through an elaborate floor-to-ceiling speaker system.

After his death in 1996, his wife Barbara wanted to continue Ed's legacy as well as further her wish to continue to support the arts, specifically classical music.  Barbara generously tapped the University of Alaska Anchorage Department of Music to be the recipient and beneficiary of her (and her husband's) generous gift.  This endowment, to which Barbara is still generously contributing to, has supported numerous concerts and events over the years at UAA, made possible either by the university's acquisition of her husband's personal Steinway concert grand (known ever since at UAA as the "Clinton" or the "Clinton Steinway,") or through the direct monetary support from the endowment that has allowed the university to host a number of internationally acclaimed artists. In addition, the Endowment funds music scholarships to assist talented students to further their musical studies at UAA. The department is eternally grateful to Barbara for her generosity and for her foresight and leadership in providing these funds to support the students, faculty and program at UAA.

The following is a partial list of guest artists and/or performances that have been made possible through the generosity of the Edward Rollin Clinton Memorial Endowment:


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