Private Lessons


Students wishing to sign up for Private Lessons will need to complete the below forms with their faculty advisor. This step is very important as it will ensure that the student enrolls in the correct level of juried or non-juried lessons. Please note that students may not register for private lessons until this step is completed.  

Attendance & Tech for Juried Private Lessons

Music Students that are enrolled in juried private lessons are expected to attend a certain number of department concerts and recitals as either an audience member or as part of the Recital Tech Team (RTT). This requirement is intended to develop musical growth by exposing students to a broad variety of musical repertoire and performing media. Students will also gain familiarity with concert etiquette, show support for fellow classmates, and learn how to produce a public music program. The recital attendance requirements are tied closely with the list of faculty, student, and guest artist performances each semester. The recital attendance requirements and performance schedules are both posted outside ARTS 336 and on the departmental webpage at the start of each semester. These requirements are also gone over in more detail in the Music Student Handbook.

Recital Attendance and Tech logs are available on a special "course" within Blackboard. Log in with your UA Username and select the Music Recital Attendance and Tech course. If you are unable to see this course, please contact the Performing & Fine Arts Student Information Office at (907) 786-1766.