Significant changes coming to Howl Days

by Michelle Saport  |   

UAA has taken an exciting step forward. New students can now receive academic advising and register for classes at Howl Days!

We are happy to announce an upgrade to the University of Alaska Anchorage orientation model, beginning spring 2019. This new design aligns our program with current national orientation standards and best practices.

While we have known for years that academic advising and course registration should be a part of the orientation experience for new students, this evolution was made possible because of the strategic decision to establish First Year Advising under the leadership of Vice Provost Claudia Lampman.

The following information highlights significant changes to the orientation day and process:

  • Howl Days Orientation Calendar
    • o Orientations begin in April, and occur throughout the summer.
    • o Each event is open to students of any major. There are no college-specific orientations.
  • Orientation Registration (NOTE: Students without a UAID number will be unable to register.)
    • Upon admission to UAA, students may register for orientation:
    • The event remains FREE for students, with a $25 guest fee.
  • Academic Advising and Course Registration
    • First Year Advisors, in partnership with College Academic Advisors, will advise and register incoming students for their summer and/or fall 2019 courses.
    • IMPORTANT POLICY UPDATE: Students must complete all Placement Exams before attending orientation.
  • Who to Contact for Questions/Inquiries/Concerns

This new process is student centered and will support a seamless onboarding experience for students new to the university. Please share this information with others to help our community be informed about these changes. We look forward to launching Howl Days 2019!


Theresa Lyons, Executive Director Student Outreach and Transition

Claudia Lampman, Vice Provost Student Outreach and Transition Student Success

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