As part of our ongoing efforts to conserve energy, the Facilities Maintenance Department has been rewiring lot lights, installing variable frequency drives, replacing electric hot water heaters with heat exchangers, calibrating thermostats, tuning boilers, installing electrical switching panels, converting to more energy efficient lighting, replacing pneumatic controls with digital and adjusting fan setback schedules.

Water Tank



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This winter, we will reintroduce our "Amnesty Space Heater Program". This program targets those individuals who use space heaters to stave off winter's chill. Individuals are requested to turn in their inefficient electric space heaters. In exchange, we will track, trend, repair, and upgrade their heating system so that a space heater is no longer warranted.

Thanks for helping us to reduce energy usage. Each year we spend approximately 3 million dollars on utilities. With utility rates rising, conservation measures are imperative. Everyone's participation in energy conservation measures helps us to provide a safe, healthy, attractive, comfortable, and energy efficient environment for all campus users. So please, turn off those lights and computers when not in use.