101 - Delegation Administration

Community Campus Delegation 101: Delegation Administration


To delegate the authority and responsibility to the community campus administrative units so they can operate effectively and efficiently to support the academic and research functions of their campuses.


Basis for DelgationLevels of authority will be granted to the individual community campuses based on review of resources, training and past performance.
ResponsibilitiesDelegations are made to the Directors/President of the community campuses directly from the Chancellor. The delegation is not only for the authority to perform specified tasks, but is also for the responsibility to ensure that proper policies and procedures are followed in all areas. It is up to the Director/President to ensure that internal controls and procedures are in place to effectively comply with the level of delegation.
RedelegationThe Directors/President will have the flexibility to redelegate levels of authority unless redelegation is specifically prohibited (i.e., representational account). Redelegations will be documented and communicated to the Vice Chancellor for Administration. A redelegation of authority does not relieve the Directors/President from the responsibility of ensuring that appropriate controls are in place to maintain accountability and conformance with policies and procedures.
ReviewThe authority and levels of delegation will be reviewed periodically. Revisions will be made as identified in that review or when changes to superseding policies and regulations occur. The Chancellor, as head of the major administrative unit, reserves the right to alter delegations as necessary.
Policy InterpretationAlthough community campuses with delegated authority are free to act independently within that delegation and within the limitations of policy and regulations, they are encouraged to consult with the offices at the Anchorage campus for clarifications and interpretations as needed.
TrainingThe Anchorage campus will provide training to ensure that the community campuses can carry out the delegated responsibilities. Staff development activities will be provided to encourage professional growth and opportunities for networking and sharing ideas.
Policy DevelopmentThe community campus personnel will be involved in the development of policies and procedure that affect their campuses.

Effective: 10/25/2005