808 - Terminations & Resignations

Community Campus Delegation 808: Terminations & Resignations


To specify the community campus delegation authority and responsibilities for terminations & resignations  


Board of Regents Policy & Regulation 04.07.000 & 04.09.000
UAA Human Resources: Ending Employment


Delegation AuthorityThe Directors/President are required to obtain the prior approval of Director of UAA Human Resource Services before giving a notice of layoff, non-retention, or termination for cause, and to recall exempt and nonexempt employees at the campus level.
The Directors/President may accept written employee resignations.
Delegation CriteriaAdherence to the referenced policies, regulations and instructions including:

  1. Consultation with UAA Human Resource Services for Staff Layoff and Reduction of Term.
  2. Coordination of all layoffs, nonretention and termination for cause through UAA Human Resource Services.
  3. Adherence to the timelines of notice and order of layoffs.
  4. Written notification to the employee.
  5. Complete documentation of actions in personnel file.
  6. Exit procedures developed and completed in a timely manner to ensure compliance with Wage and Hour Laws.
  7. Providing employees with the COBRA Rights Brochure.
  8. Providing employees with the Exit Guide.
  9. Entry of all Banner HR data necessary to complete the termination.
  10. Preparation of all required retirement and pension documents.

ApplicabilityAll community campuses have the limited delegation authority and responsibilities for terminations and resignations expressed in this policy unless special limits or requirements are set by the Vice Chancellor for Administration.

Effective: 10/25/2005