601 - Records Management

Community Campus Delegation 601: Records Management


To specify the delegation of authority and responsibility for records at the community campuses and to ensure that the records are managed in a manner that:

  • Meets legal standards.
  • Optimizes the use of space.
  • Minimizes the cost of record retention.
  • Destroys outdated and useless records.   


Board of Regents Regulation 05.08.01 (currently under revision)


Delegation AuthorityThe Directors/President are delegated the authority and responsibility for the retention and storage of records as delineated in the regulations.
Delegation CriteriaAdherence to policies and procedures including:

  1. Observance of the record retention periods set forth in university regulations.
  2. Adequate control of records in storage including provisions for:
    1. Storage facilities
    2. Storage containers
    3. Thorough identification and dating of container contents
    4. Access to stored records

ApplicabilityAll community campuses have the delegation authority for records management expressed in this policy unless special limits or requirements are set by the Vice Chancellor for Administration.

Effective: 10/25/2005