402 - Representational Purchases

Community Campus Delegation 402: Representational Purchases


To provide guidelines for the use of representational allowances.  


Board of Regents Policy 05.02.07
Administrative Service Policy Manual, Procurement Services 107: Representational Purchases 


Representational Allowance: A university fund set up in a separate account (Banner account code 8115) to pay for refreshments, meals, snacks, beverages or entertainment in support of an event or occasion.


Delegation AuthorityThe Directors/President may approve representational expenditures in conformance with the regulations and guidelines. They must ensure that the representational expenses are ordinary and necessary expenses of the university, are incurred for the principal benefit of the university, and are properly documented. The Directors/President may not delegate the approval of expenditures from this account.
Only the President of the University can authorize the creation and funding level of representational accounts. The Chancellor is responsible for the selection and recommendation of those individuals authorized to maintain campus representational accounts and the level of funding for each.
Delegation CriteriaAdherence to the regulations and guidelines including the following:
Budget—An annual budget must be requested through the Chancellor to establish an entertainment expense "8001" account and to authorize an expenditure level. Funds must come from the existing college appropriation and conform to University of Alaska procedures for budget revisions at the chancellor approval level.
Expenditures—Only entertainment activities related to University of Alaska business may be charged to the university. These expenses must be charged to the specific budget account, miscellaneous object code "8115". Guidelines for the use of representational allowances and a required form are available at the Procurement Services website. Click here to obtain the Representational/Nonrepresentational Guidelines or Form.
Expenditures against representational allowances must be approved by the individual to whom the allowance is granted and who has authority to spend from the account. Claims for reimbursement must have receipts attached, a description of the event and the reason for its occurrence, the date, the number of people involved, and the account to be charged.
University regulations prohibit the use of public funds for the purchase of alcohol, gifts, and certain other expenditures. If these expenses otherwise meet the payment and reimbursement guidelines, Foundation funds may be considered when funding source is suitable for such purpose and the expense is appropriate within the scope of donor restrictions. In any case, purchases of alcoholic beverages require the specific or delegated approval of the Chancellor.
ApplicabilityAll community campuses have the delegation authority for representational purchases expressed in this policy unless special limits or requirements are set by the Vice Chancellor for Administration.

Effective: 10/25/2005