901 - Facilities

Community Campus Delegation 901: Facilities


To specify the community campus delegation authority and responsibilities for facilities  


Board of Regents Policy 05.12.000


Delegation AuthorityMaintenance and RepairThe Directors/President have the delegated authority and responsibility for the development and implementation of adequate maintenance programs to protect the physical plant and its mechanical functions.
Capital Construction and ImprovementsApproval authority for construction, remodeling, or renovation for all facilities, regardless of funding sources, is retained by the Vice President for Finance or the Board of Regents, depending on the level of funding required. The acquisition or development of additional campus housing requires the advance approval of the Board of Regents.
Temporary BuildingsAuthority to purchase or receive temporary buildings including "House Trailers" requires a review by UAA Facilities, Planning and Construction and prior approval of the Chancellor.
Naming of FacilitiesThe names of all buildings, streets, parks, recreational areas, or plazas must be approved by the Board of Regents
Use of FacilitiesThe Directors/President have the delegated authority and responsibility to approve and establish fees for the use of the campus facilities by non-university organizations. Policies and procedures must be established for time of use, place, and manner of use.
The Directors/President have the authority to formulate procedures and enforce rules regarding traffic and parking. It is mandatory that such procedures and rules at the campus level receive approval by the President of the University or his designee prior to implementation, especially procedures regarding citations. Peddling, solicitation, or fund raising activities on campus are subject to Board of Regents Policy. The Directors/President should establish local policies and procedures for these activities.
Acceptance of ArtworkSelection of artwork integral with the building must comply with state statute and receive prior approval at the Chancellor level and, in some instances, prior approval by UAA Facilities, Planning and Construction as required by Board of Regents Policy.
Delegation CriteriaConformance with the referenced policy and the following requirements:

  1. Established procedures and schedules for janitorial, equipment, and building maintenance.
  2. Established policies and procedures for public facility use and a consistent policy for the establishment and collection of fees.
  3. Prior approval of the Chancellor or his designee for campus procedures and rules relating to the enforcement of traffic and parking.
  4. Enforcement of policies related to smoking, alcohol, and substance use

ApplicabilityAll community campuses have the delegation authority and responsibility for facilities expressed in this policy unless special limits or requirements are set by the Vice Chancellor for Administration.

Effective: 10/25/2005