203 - Fiscal Management & Management Reporting

Community Campus Delegation 203: Fiscal Management & Management Reporting


To describe the community campus responsibilities for management reporting.  


Board of Regents Policy and Regulation 05.01.00
Statewide Accounting Manual Procedure P-82


Management Reporting: The process and methodology for evaluating financial performance a university unit. The report is used to calculate and anticipate the deficit and lapse or carryforward for the fiscal year.


Delegation Authority Community campuses are required to operate strictly within the fiscal limits established by their respective annually adopted budgets and approved amendments, in accordance with university policies and procedures. The Directors/President are responsible for ensuring that deficit spending does not occur within his/her respective unit.

Community Campuses are required periodically to submit management report projection worksheets that contain major object code detail by low level org. The component summaries should include revenue source and major expense category breakdowns (personal services, travel, etc.) The management reports will be transmitted to the UAA Budget Development Office for review and inclusion in the UAA response to SW Administration.
Delegation CriteriaAdherence to policies, regulations, and requirements including the following:

  1. Ability to determine and manage the financial activities of the campus
  2. Existence of an internal system which provides data as required for generation of the report
  3. Reconciliations that tie to Banner Finance balances for total revenue, expenditures and budget
  4. Worksheets conforming to the following requirements:
    1. Consistency with narrative response
    2. Referenced budget revisions
    3. Proper extensions and footings
    4. Equal balance between total revenues and total expenditures
    5. Detail major object code level projections of expenditures and revenue
    6. Consistency in format with other UAA units
  5. Appropriate explanations and identification of corrective actions for projected lapses and deficits in the narrative or footnotes on the worksheet
  6. Narrative response addressing the questions presented in procedure P-82 of the Statewide Accounting Manual

ApplicabilityAll community campuses have the responsibilities for fiscal management and management reporting expressed in this policy.

Effective: 10/25/2005