401 - Purchasing

Community Campus Delegation 401: Purchasing


To specify the community campus delegation authority and responsibility for purchasing.  


Board of Regents Policy 05.08.00
State of Alaska Statute 36.30
University of Alaska Procurement Manual (unavailable online)
Administrative Service Policy Manual, Procurement Services Section
Statewide Accounting Manual, P-53


Delegation AuthorityAt each campus, the Business Manager will have the delegated purchasing responsibility and purchase order signature authority to a dollar level specified by UAA Purchasing (provided in a separate document). The Business Manager can redelegate this responsibility only with the expressed written approval of the Director of Purchasing. No signature authority for purchasing is granted to the Directors/President.
Authority to enter into Lease Purchases is retained at the Statewide level and requires an opinion letter from Legal Counsel. All lease-purchase documents must be filed at Statewide Accounting Services. Statewide Accounting Manual P-53 contains guidelines for lease purchases.
Delegation CriteriaAdherence to and understanding of the referenced policies, regulations and procedures including:

  1. Adequate justification and approval documentation on sole source and brand name purchases.
  2. Appropriate supporting documentation of written and verbal quotes to comply with competitive bid requirements.
  3. Adequate documentation and approvals for emergency purchases.
  4. Reservations in the Banner system before any verbal or written commitments are made to a vendor.
  5. Compliance with specific grant regulations.
  6. Purchases that comply with legislative intent for particular funding sources.
  7. Detection and authorization of all unauthorized purchases by the Director of Purchasing (under $500) or the Chief Procurement Officer (over $500).

ApplicabilityAll community campuses have the delegation authority for purchasing expressed in this policy unless special limits or requirements are set by the Vice Chancellor for Administration.

Effective: 10/25/2005