310 - Student Government & Activity Fees

Community Campus Delegation 310: Student Government & Activity Fees


To set forth the scope of delegation student government and activity fees.  


Board of Regents Policy 05.10.00, Tuition and Student Fees

Board of Regents Policy and Regulation 09.07.05, Student Government


Delegation Authority

Registration The President of the University must approve student government organizations. Student government constitutions, bylaws, and any amendments to constitutions must be formally submitted through the Chancellor (or Chancellors, in the case of system governance organizations) to the president or designee for review and approval.
Fees The university may collect a mandatory student government fee to support student government, but may not require a student to be a member of any student government or participate in student government activities. Requests to establish or to change a fee shall include a description of the purpose of the fee, the amount of the fee and basis for assessment, the estimated annual revenue, the effective date of implementation, the recommendations of the student leadership, and a description of the involvement of the affected students in the establishment of the fee. This request must be submitted to the Chancellor.
Student government fees, to the extent feasible, shall be published with the semester course schedules.
Budget The amount and allocation of the student government fee must be specified in the proposed annual budget. The annual budget of each student government organization must be reviewed and approved by the Board of Regents.
Delegation Criteria Student government fees shall be developed and administered in accordance with guidelines established by the student government in conjunction with the Chancellor and approved in accordance with Regents' Policy and Regulations and the submission of the following budget proposal information for the Board of Regents:

  1. Revenue: List all sources of revenue expected by semester.
  2. Expenditures: Expenditures should be specified by program (for example: major programs sponsored by the student government—administration, recreation, speakers, dances, graduation, loans, etc.) and by major object code. Therefore, a major expenditure object code breakdown and total will be provided for each program.
  3. Program Description: Provide a description of each program, including the activities and purpose of each.

Applicability All community campuses have the responsibility to administer student government activities and activity fees in conformance with the referenced policies and regulations.

Effective: 10/25/2005