103 - Personal Use of University Resources

Finance 103: Personal Use of University Resources


To differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate use of university resources and prescribe the process by which employees, who have committed university resources for personal use, must follow to reimburse UAA.


University resources: Includes property, telephone toll charges, and photocopies. Property: Includes equipment, tools, vehicles, supplies, books, furniture, art objects, facilities, and other assets owned, leased by, or in the custody of the university


General Policy

University resources must not be used for personal benefit. Faculty, staff, volunteers, and visiting scholars may use university resources only for work-related activities. Students may use university resources only as required in pursuing their studies. UAA employees should not use university equipment and property for personal use.

PhotocopiesPhotocopying services should be obtained either from coin-operated machines located on the campus or from an off-campus vendor. However, if incidental personal use does occur, e.g., using a university telephone and incurring toll charges or using a photocopy machine to produce photocopies, the individual is responsible for reimbursing the university. Payment will be made at Cashiering Services and deposited to the org and object code in which the cost was incurred.
Cell PhonesWhen a university department acquires equipment for one of its employees, such as a cellular phone, the equipment must further a university purpose and be specifically needed. A cell phone may be justified when:

  • You are in a managerial role and a critical component of your job responsibilities is contact with staff, clients, and other management.
  • Your job often takes you away from your primary work location to complete work assignments.
  • You participate in the emergency response team and could be called upon to solve critical issues that may arise during the day.
  • You are either on call or expected to respond to problems during non-business hours.

UAA recognizes that employees would prefer to carry just one phone and that incidental personal use is acceptable as long as it doesn't violate university policies. Employees should reimburse the department on a monthly or quarterly basis for personal use charges that exceed the base cost of the plan.
Department ResponsibilitiesEach department manager is responsible for monitoring telephone or copy expenditures on the monthly financial reports and for establishing a procedure within the department area to ensure compliance with this policy. Department managers should also consider establishing and maintaining within their offices a telephone log of all long-distance calls, recording the organization/person called and the date of the call. If a UAA employee needs to make a personal toll telephone call while at work, the employee should either charge the call to their own telephone credit card or their home phone number.
At no time may university property be removed from university premises without the written approval of the appropriate department chair or unit head.
In some instances, university property is available for lease or loan to employees and students providing that appropriate fees are paid (if applicable), requirements are fulfilled, and appropriate documents are filed.

Effective: 07/10/2005