401 - Travel

Finance 401: Travel


To provide guidelines for employees, students, and others for travel on official university business.


University of Alaska Travel Regulations


Travel Authorization Form (TA): An official university form that documents travel activity for federal income tax and internal reporting requirements, encumbrance of funds, and approval of travel and related advances. Travel Expense Report (TER): The report that documents the travel expenses of a completed trip.


The university will reimburse employees, students and others for travel expenses incurred for authorized travel on behalf of the university in accordance with university regulations. All travel arrangements should reflect an understanding of the University of Alaska Travel Regulations. Each department is responsible for providing direction and information about approved travel and travel regulations to its personnel. Questions about the interpretation of travel regulations may by directed the Accounts Payable and Travel Manager.

Authorization Each traveler, except for those individuals specifically authorized by the university president or the chancellor, must have the approval of his or her supervisor document on a Travel Authorization Form prior to travel departure. In accordance with the regulations, out-of-state and international travel may require a higher level of approval authority.
Encumbrances and Travel Advances Departments must promptly encumber the estimated travel expenses reflected in the approved TA Form. Adjustments or corrections to encumbrances must be made by the Travel Accountant.
Travel advances may be issued to the traveler if the anticipated reimbursable expenses exceed $100. Advances must be requested on a TA Form and forwarded to the Travel Accountant for processing.
Reimbursement The TER nd attached receipt documentation must be filed with Travel Accounting within 15 days of completion of the travel.

Effective: 07/10/2005