211 - Short Form Contracts

Procurement Services 211: Short Form Contracts


To expedite small dollar contracts with guest speakers, performers and other service providers.


University of Alaska Procurement Manual (not available online)


Short Form Contract: A simple one-page contract form that contains the essential terms for a small value service contract.


Application Short form contracts have been designed to expedite agreements with guest speakers, performers and other miscellaneous service providers and to protect the university contractually. Two separate forms exist—one for use with guest speakers and performers and a second for use with other miscellaneous service providers. The contracts contain the terms that must to be agreed upon between the university and the service provider, including such things as the date of the engagement, compensation and payment.
For these typically small dollar purchases, departments may download the contract, fill in the pertinent information and have the service provider sign the document. However, the contract is subject to final review by Procurement Services. To expedite contract issuance and payment, have the service provider complete an IRS Form W-9 needed to certify their tax status and submit it with the short form contract to Procurement Services.
To be valid, the short form contract must be signed by a university procurement officer prior to the engagement. A purchase order, funding the services, must also be issued accompany the contract.
Except for guest speakers and performers, short form contracts should not be used for services that exceed $5,000. For contracts in excess of a total dollar value of $5,000, a professional services or non-personal contract must be issued by Procurement Services. See the section in this manual on professional and non-personal services contracts.
Click here to download the Short Form Contract for Guest Speakers or Performers and IRS Form W-9.
Click here to download the Short Form Contract for Miscellaneous Services and IRS Form W-9.

Effective: 10/25/2005