303 - Employee Reimbursements

Finance 303: Employee Reimbursements


To provide guidance for reimbursing employees for out-of-pocket expenses they incur on behalf of the university.


University Regulations


Employee Reimbursements: For the purposes of this policy, an employee reimbursement is a payment to an employee for an expense that an employee has incurred on behalf of the university. Representational Expenses: Expenses for special events, ceremonies, or entertainment paid from approved representational accounts. Non-Representational Expenses: Expenses for special events or ceremonies paid from regularly authorized funds.


To reimburse an employee for out-of-pocket expenses, a department must submit an Employee Reimbursement Request to Accounts Payable. This method of payment should not be used for:

  1. Amounts of less than $100 (use petty cash).
  2. Amounts of more than $2,500 (process requisition through Procurement Services).
  3. Employee compensation.
  4. Travel expenses (exclusive of local mileage).

Both the representational and non-representational expenditures paid by an Employee Reimbursement Request must conform to the representational guidelines contained in University Regulations. Individuals assigned a representational account and those who make non-representational expenditures are responsible for the propriety and prudent use of public funds, compliance with the regulations, and documentation of all expenditures. A Representational and Non-Representational Expenditure Approval Form must be attached the Employee Reimbursement Request.
To reimburse employees for local mileage, a Mileage Report must be attached to the Employee Reimbursement Request.

Effective: 07/10/2005