206 - Change Orders

Procurement Services 206: Change Orders


To provide a method of modifying an existing purchase order or contract


University of Alaska Procurement Manual (not available online)


Change Order: An amendment to a purchase order or contract that documents a change in the quantity or type of services or materials to be provided under the purchase order or contract. 


Changes to purchase orders or contracts may be occasionally necessary for cancellations, closing the purchase order, adjustments to pricing, adding or deleting items, changing the accounting information price, modifying the delivery schedule, etc. The authority to make changes to existing purchase orders or contracts rests with Procurement Services. Procurement Services may make minor adjustments to price without concurrence of the department representative. Significant changes, however, require the concurrence of the department representative.

Changes Prior to Purchase Order Completion If you’ve completed your Requisition in Banner and have to make a change, call and notify the Buyer or Purchasing Agent that you have a change. The change will be incorporated into the original purchase order before completion.
Changes After Purchase Order Completion Fax or e-mail a memo to the Buyer or Purchasing Agent who prepared your original PO. The Buyer or Purchasing Agent can be identified in Banner. Provide your name and phone number, the purchase order number, and other pertinent information for the following change requests:

  1. Cancel the purchase order (possible only if no payments have been made or invoices received against this PO).
  2. Close and disencumber the remaining purchase order balance. This will free up any encumbered money that’s no longer needed to pay for this order. Once the purchase order is closed, no further payments can be made against it.
  3. Change the accounting distribution. Include line item number, vendor name, and all accounting information necessary to make the changes.
  4. Increase or decrease existing PO to cover additional quantity of ordered items that you want to purchase, or decrease the number of items; or to change the dollar amount of items due to price increase or decrease. List each line item number, a brief description of the item, the quantity you want to order, and price increase or decrease for each item. Provide the accounting information if it will be different than original PO

Effective: 10/25/2005