403 - Limited Competition Procurements

Procurement Services 403: Limited Competition Procurements


To provide a limited competition procurement method when unique qualifications make a standard procedure impractical.


University of Alaska Procurement Manual (not available online)
Board of Regents Policy 05.06
State of Alaska Statutes 36.00


Limited Competition: An informal competition generally using the Invitation for Bid or Request for Quotation methods modified to exclude certain terms and requirements. Procurements may be made by soliciting competition, orally or in writing, among firms known to be providers of the supplies or services.



A request that a procurement be restricted to certain potential contractors or vendors must be accompanied by a written explanation as to why standard university procurement procedures requiring a Request for Proposal or Invitation to Bid are impractical, or contrary to the best interest of the University in this instance.
A limited competition procurement that exceeds the small dollar limit of $50,000 requires written approval from the University of Alaska Chief Procurement Officer.
Written solicitations should be used whenever practical. At a minimum the Invitation for Bid or Request for Quotation process should be used.   Effective: 10/25/2005