107 - Representational Purchases

Procurement Services 107: Representational Purchases


To provide guidelines for the use of representational allowances


University of Alaska Procurement Manual (not available online) Board of Regents Policy and Regulation 05.02.07 


Representational Allowance: A university fund set up in a separate account (Banner account code 8115) to pay for refreshments, meals, snacks, beverages or entertainment in support of an event or occasion.


Requirements Only the President of the University can authorize the establishment of a representational account. The chancellor or other individuals granted representational accounts may not make expenditures in excess of their allowance without prior approval of the President. Chancellors must submit annual requests to the president to renew these allowances.
Guidelines have been established for the use of representational allowances. The required expenditure approval form also contains instructions. The form must be completed prior to the purchase.
Expenditures against representational allowances must be approved by the individual to whom the allowance is granted and who has authority to spend from the account. Claims for reimbursement must have receipts attached, a description of the event and the reason for its occurrence, the date, the number of people involved, and the account to be charged.

Chancellors or others who may be authorized by the President to have a representational allowance account may establish controls and procedures with respect to prior and post approval of expenditures against such accounts.
Purchases of alcoholic beverages require the specific approval or delegated approval of the Chancellor.
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Effective: 10/25/2005