104 - Signature Authority

Finance 104: Signature Authority


To ensure that the expenditures of university funds and other commitments are properly approved


Statewide Accounting Manual


Establishing a Signature Card

University employees must be authorized to make financial, contractual or personnel commitments on behalf of the university. This authorization must be documented on an original Signature Card Form. The form will be maintained in an electronic file so that service departments can verify that all documents to commit resources have the required level of approval.
The form must be revised if changes in personnel or responsibilities occur. If a revision is necessary, the Signature Card Form may be downloaded, transmitted and sent to the Accounts Payable Manager.
Note: Employees without supervisory responsibility are prohibited from having signature authority for personnel/payroll documents or travel authorizations. The use of a signature stamp to approve documents that commit university resources or to make arrangements with third parties is inappropriate.
Standing Authority
UA Regulations, the Statewide Accounting Manual, and UAA policy provide certain administrators with designated or delegated authority to sign grant, contract, or agreement documents.
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Effective: 07/10/2005