502 - Labor Redistribution

Finance 502: Labor Redistribution


To provide guidelines for processing a labor redistribution


Statewide Labor Redistribution Procedures


Labor Redistribution: The labor redistribution process is used to transfer of labor charges from one labor account to another and to correct all fund, organization, account, and program code errors.


Labor redistributions are entered by General Accounting and Budget and are processed in periodic adjustments as determined by the Statewide Human Resources payroll calendar. Departments may initiate a labor redistribution by completing a Labor Redistribution Form and forwarding the form to General Accounting and Budget. Instructions for completing the form are contained in the Statewide Labor Redistribution Procedures.

Requirements Labor redistributions are only allowed within the same fiscal year (exceptions may be made for sponsored projects). In addition, there are cut off dates for processing labor reallocations from the prior calendar. If you plan to do a redistribution after the end of the fiscal year and before the close of finance for the fiscal year, consult with Grants & Contracts or the Fiscal Technician in the General Accounting and Budget office about the year-end closing deadlines.
The redistribution process is not to be used for the following:

  1. Revised time reporting for additional hours to be paid to an employee.
  2. Overpayment of an employee or overcharged department funds.
  3. Leave hours or default fund hours not recorded, recorded in error, or recorded to the wrong earnings code.
  4. Change of position control number (PCN).
  5. To change staff benefit rates.

Journal vouchers must not be use to redistribute labor.

Effective: 08/30/2005