102 - Planning

Procurement Services 102: Procurement Planning


To encourage the timely submission of purchasing requests


University of Alaska Procurement Manual (not available online)


The majority of purchases require that departments properly plan their purchasing actions and submit timely requisitions. Departments must allow for the requirements of competitive solicitations. The time required to issue a purchase order and obtain the goods or services, after receipt of the purchase requisition, varies greatly depending of the value and nature of the purchase and the specifications. High cost, complex procurements may take 120 to 180 days.   UAA procurement officers must comply with state statute, university regulations and federal regulations that may require the following activities:

  • Determining the best method of procurement
  • Evaluating justifications for sole source procurements
  • Preparing solicitation documents including:
    • Requests for Quotations
    • Requests for Proposals
    • Invitation for Bid
  • Requesting quotes
  • Advertising the solicitation
  • Holding solicitation conferences
  • Posting for a minimum time
  • Receipting, opening, and recording competitive responses
  • Evaluating quotations, bids and proposals
  • Preparing a price cost analysis
  • Negotiating
  • Announcing the award

The requisitioning department is responsible for defining quality, quantity, specifications, delivery date requirements and all other pertinent information essential to a proper purchase.  Procurement Services has the responsibility to originate, control, and analyze quotations, bids and proposals.  On complex procurements, the development of specification and evaluation criteria may be a joint responsibility.  Because of the need to collaborate on complex procurements, departments are encouraged to work with Procurement Services from the earliest stage of the procurement.

Effective: 10/25/2005