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2023 - 2024 Community Lectures

  • August 24 - David Brooks

    David Brooks - Alexander Hamilton: The America We Are Building

    Thursday, August 24th, 6:30 PM in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts: Discovery Theater

    David Brooks speaking

    About the Lecture:

    In 2015, Mr. Brooks was one of the first writers to review the Broadway Musical “Hamilton.” His lecture will weave together aspects from the musical, Alexander Hamilton’s vision for the United States, and the continuing impact of higher education. His talk will dive into Alexander Hamilton’s idea of the United States as an industrial and economic superpower, as well as a nation distinguished by an engaged and educated citizenry. Following Mr. Brooks’ lecture, there will time for questions from the audience.

    About David Brooks:

    David Brooks is a columnist for The New York Times and a contributor to The Atlantic. He is a commentator on “The PBS Newshour." His forthcoming book “How To Know A Person: The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen” will be published in October. His previous three books were “The Second Mountain,” “The Road to Character,” and “The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement” all #1 New York Times bestsellers. Mr. Brooks has taught at Yale and Duke, now teaches at the University of Chicago and is a member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

  • November 16 - Come From Away Panel

    Finding Humanity in a Time of Crisis: A Conversation on Come From Away and the theme of Trust in Chaotic and Uncertain Times

    Thursday, November 16th, 6:30 PM in the UAA Fine Arts Recital Hall 
    Panelists included: 

     Irene photo

    Come From Away writer Irene Sankoff
    *Virtual Attendance

    Terry photo

    Psychology Professor E. J. R. David

    EJR Photo

    Philosophy Professor Terry Kelly

    Joy photo

    Moderator: Journalism and Public Communications Professor Joy Chavez Mapaye