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Jenny McNulty headshot
Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
(907) 786-1707
SSB 339
Tim Smith Photo
Associate Dean - Programs
(907) 786-1751
SSB 326
Liz Dennison Photo
Associate Dean - Students
(907) 786-1621
SSB 324
Simon Kattenhorn photo
Associate Dean - Enrollment Management/Scheduling
(907) 786-0313
SSB 336
Khrys Duddleston photo
Assistant Dean - Biological Sciences
(907) 786-7752
Eric Murphy Photo
Assistant Dean - Psychology
(907) 786-1626
NSB 222
Christine Lidren photo
Senior Operations Manager
(907) 786-1687
SSB 338
Krystal Haase photo
Director of CAS Facility Support
(907) 786-1264
Shannon Farr photo
Communications Specialist 
(907) 786-6358
SSB 337
Craig Miller photo
Senior Development Officer
(907) 786-0502
SSB 346
Audrey Jo Malone photo
Strategic Budget Officer
(907) 786-0699
SSB 345
Rosalee Shoulders photo
Student Recruitment, Retention, and Outreach Specialist
(907) 786- 1703
SSB 344
Debbie Flodin photo
Office Coordinator
(907) 786-6054
SSB 343

Please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your education plan and goals. Visit the Academic Advising website for more information. 

David House, Academic Advisor for Mathematics & Statistics, and Natural Sciences
Academic Advisor for Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Environment and Society, Geological Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, & Sociology
(907) 786-4378
Mattie Squire, Academic Advisor for Mathematics & Statistics, and Natural Sciences
Academic Advisor for Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geological Sciences, Mathematics, & Natural Sciences 
(907) 786-4710
Portrait of Leslie Olberding
Academic Advisor for Alaska Native Studies, English, Languages, History, Philosophy & Associate of Arts
(907) 786-1357
ADM 101C
Christine Hunt photo
Academic Advisor for Anthropology, International Studies, Journalism and Communication, Political Science, and Psychology
(907) 786-1356
Natural Science Building Room 220
John Mun
Academic Coordinator
(907) 786-1387 
SSB 341
Academic Advisor for the Performing and Fine Arts and Associate of Arts

The Division of Humanities includes the Departments of Alaska Natives Studies, Creative Writing and Literary Arts, English, History, Languages, and Philosophy.

The Division of Performing and Fine Arts includes the Departments of Art and Music. 

Anita Franciosi
Anita Franciosi
Divisional Lead, Administrative and Academic Support Manager
Callie Wagner photo
Callie Wagner
Program Support Specialist
Meghan Owens photo
Meghan Owens
Academic and Student Support

The Division of Math and Natural Sciences includes the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geological Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics, and Physics & Astronomy.

The Division of Social Sciences includes the Departments of Anthropology, Geography & Environmental Studies, International Studies, Journalism & Communication, Political Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, and Women's Studies.

James Carey photo
James Carey
Chemical Laboratory Technician
John Moore photo
John Moore
Research Laboratory Manager
Ben Applegate photo
Ben Applegate
Stockroom/Hazwaste Manager