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  • 2023 Recipients

    Faculty Award

    Alanna DeRocchi photo

    Alanna DeRocchi, Term Instructor of Art, specializing in Ceramics.

    For her outstanding contributions in engaging students in high impact activities which contributes to student success

    Alanna DeRocchi, Term Assistant Professor of Ceramics for the UAA Department of Art, is being recognized as the Outstanding Faculty award for 2023.  She has been a Term Assistant Professor of Art at UAA since her initial appointment in 2013.  Professor DeRocchi has participated in group exhibitions in South Korea, Texas, Montana, and New York.

    Professor DeRocchi teaches ceramics courses for the Art department.  She also mentors students in such areas as residency applications, and in support of their art installations for exhibition at local galleries and elsewhere.  Recent products of student success have included student exhibitions at the Alaska State Fair, and numerous exhibitions in the Kimura and Hugh McPeck galleries on campus.  One student was awarded a scholarship to attend a workshop in Colorado.  Professor DeRocchi has recently participated in numerous group exhibitions in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and has had several solo exhibitions in SouthCentral.  Her position at UAA also includes her work as extensive tech and maintenance support for the kilns, clay mixers, pottery machines, and other equipment in the department.

    In the words of a person that nominated her, “Alanna has played a pivotal role in the academic successes of students in the UAA Fine Arts program. Not only has she mentored an impressive roster of ceramicists but her instruction leaves a positive impression on students of all majors. Across the board, I have heard the same comments from students, lamenting they’ve taken their last course with Alanna- promising to return to her class after graduating (and often doing just that!)”

    A student commented that “her commitment to students is lifelong.”Another nominator said: “She does not hesitate to lend a hand and spends countless hours outside of class time mentoring and helping her students.  It is clear that her students are her number one priority.”  Finally, “she is not only inspiring her students to build the best ceramic work they can, but she also encourages her students to make a positive difference in the community.”

    Staff Award

    Anita Photo

    Anita Franciosi, the Administrative and Academic Support Manager

    For her outstanding contributions in going that extra mile. 

    Anita’s role as Administrative and Academic Support Manager for CAS includes serving as lead for all program support staff within the College. She is also being recognized today for 5 years of service to the university. She has created a helpful and forward-thinking environment for the staff she supervises through training and mentoring and played an integral role in developing administrative consistency across the college.  This is in large part due to the collaboration that happens between her and other leads in the college.  Anita demonstrates her commitment to UAA and CAS in every interaction.  She is professional, positive, and always acts with integrity.

    Nominators describe Anita as “amazing!” indicating that she “comes into the office with positive energy and a willingness to help others.” In her role, she oversees the team that supports a huge number of faculty and students. She has been heavily involved in the recruitment, retention and training of the program support staff. She understands complex processes and procedures and communicates those to her team to ensure that they succeed all whine striving for consistency across the college. If one of her team members needs help, she is there to guide and mentor them.

    One of the letters of support sums up what makes Anita so exceptional, “She exemplifies the idea of being a “team player” and is always willing to step up and help faculty.  She also understands that the mission of the college is student success and will do whatever possible to help students in the college."

  • 2022 Recipients

    Faculty Award

    Kimberly Pace Photo

    Dr. Kimberly Pace, Term Assistant Professor of Political Science and Women’s Studies and Gender Studies and the Women’s Studies and Gender Studies Program Chair

    Professor Kimberly Pace has a long history of service contributions to the University and the college. She has been a member of the Department of Political Science at UAA since 2003, and the Chair of Women’s and Gender Studies at UAA since 2005. Professor Pace teaches a wide variety of courses including Introduction to Political Science, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Women in Politics, and Alaska Government and Politics, among many others. One nominator shared the following: “Professor Pace epitomizes faculty who go above and beyond for their students – not only during the pandemic but ALL the time. Over the past year, Prof Pace taught 311 registered students in 16 distinct course sections. Moreover, given that these were online courses, her ability to nonetheless make positive and impactful connections with students is truly admirable.” 

    As the Faculty Director of the Model United Nations of Alaska (since when?), Professor Pace took this highly regarded program and made it even more robust during the pandemic. She adapted the Model UN from an annual  face to face event into two successful online sessions (one in the Fall and one in the Spring), attracting students from across Alaska and in the lower 48.. She is both a leader and active participant in many additional units across the university including Faculty Senate, Political Science, International Studies, Honors College Academic Board, and UAA’s LGBTQIA2s+ Advisory Committee. Professor Pace is an advocate for students in and out of the classroom.

    In the words of the person that nominated her, “It is truly astonishing that Professor Pace has managed to balance this enormous volume of work responsibilities over the past year in support of the success of CAS’s students.” 

    Staff Award

    Krystal Haase photo

    Krystal Haase, the Director of CAS Facility Support

    Krystal Haase is the CAS Facilities Support Director,  and is responsible for lab oversight (such as safety, procurement, and support), equipment management, facilities oversight and much more. She is  responsible for many CAS buildings all over campus. When the pandemic hit and employees were sent home, she remained. She worked with UAA Facilities to ensure that the building card systems worked properly and she worked tirelessly to maintain those access lists. One of the people who nominated her shared that “She never likes to hear that someone was locked out of a building who should have access!’

    She demonstrated leadership by adapting quickly to make sure that she or one of her team members  was available to make sure that doors were open for animals to be fed (squirrels and rats!), deliveries to be made, and instruction and research was able to continue all while maintaining proper safety protocols.  Krystal goes above and beyond for students and actively seeks out whether or not someone needs help.

     One of the letters of support sums up what makes Krystal Haase so exceptional, both in and out of a pandemic: “She understands her role in the college and takes very seriously the importance of her work and how it impacts the student’s experience. Her skills, knowledge, abilities, and willingness to help others is exemplary.”