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  • Orienteering Summer Camp
    Orienteering Summer Camp Activities
  • Biology Summer Camp
    Biology Summer Camp Activities
  • JPC Media Camp
    JPC Media Camp Activities
  • Forensic Anthropology Camp
    Forensic Anthropology Camp Activities
  • Math puzzles and games
    Math puzzles and games


Summer 2023 Camps

June 5 - June 23

Each camp ran 8:30 AM-3:30 PM

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  • H20 Species Spies: Biology camp on Stream Ecology

    Students will learn the tools of the trade to be a stream ecologist. They will explore the organisms that we can see, and those that we can’t, that live in our local waters. Students will find scrapers, shredders, gatherers and filterers and predators that live in the water. Water quality and health will be determined by which organisms are thriving. Students will collect, observe, and analyze species that live in a freshwater stream that is within walking distance to the ConocoPhillips Science Building.

    Grades: 5-8th 

    Camp Dates: June 5-9

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  • UCreate@UAA: JPC Media Creator Camp

    Kids will learn about graphic design, audio, video and how to create Instagram-worthy images and YouTube-style video content. We're looking for aspiring media creators grades 5 to 8. 

    The camp will be centered at the UAA Fine Arts Building and surrounding area.

    Grades: 5-8th 

    Camp Dates: June 5-9

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  • Games, Puzzles, and Math: Mathematics Camp

    Do you like solving puzzles, looking for patterns, or tinkering with problems?

    If so, then join us on a mathematical exploration using puzzles and games. We’ll focus on hands-on exploratory and group activities that acquaint students with fun and challenging mathematics. 

    Grades: 6-8th 

    Camp Dates: June 12-16

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  • Navigators: Think Fast, Think Fun, Think Orienteering: Orienteering Camp

    The world is your obstacle course. Your mission is to find your way through it. An action-packed schedule of cooperative games, creative classroom training exercises, and daily navigation courses will provide you with the tools you need to read a map, make great route choices, and be the land navigator of your dreams!

    Camp held during the week of June 12-16. The Camp will be centered in the UAA Geography Classroom BMH 243, the adjacent commons area; and all exterior spaces of UAA/APU campuses and neighboring parkland, plus one or two excursion days to other municipal park lands (for navigation courses).

    Grades: 5-8th 

    Camp Dates: June 12-16

    Orienteering Camp

  • Bone Detectives: Forensic Anthropology camp

    Welcome to the world of forensic anthropology! Collect human skeletal remains (plastic) and personal items from a field setting, as well as laboratory analysis of these items. Hands-on lab activities include blood spatter analysis, microscopic hair analysis, shoe impression recovery, and analysis. Campers  apply the above concepts to a specific forensic case they are reconstructing as a group. During the last day, we will go over their interpretations of this case based on their experiences with the hands-on lab activities.

    Grades: 5-8th 

    Camp Dates: June 19-23

    Forensic Anthropology Camp