Fine Arts Building Rental Information

Room Name Room Number Rental Rate
Recital Hall Room 150 $450
  Rehearsal Rate* $350
  Dark Days***** $200
Mainstage Theatre Room 220 $500
  Rehearsal Rate* $400
  Dark Days***** $250
Harper Studio Theatre Room 129 $400
  Rehearsal Rate* $200
  Dark Days***** $100
Lecture hall w/ Stage Room 116 $350 or $50/hour
Lecture hall w/ Stage Room 117 $350 or $50/hour
Classroom w/Grand piano Room 121 $350 or $50/hour
Percussion/Jazz Room 122 $350 or $50/hour
Band/choir room Room 124 $75/hour
Scene Shop*** Room 134 $200
Costume Shop**** Room 127 Email for pricing and availability
Laundry room (including use of iron, and steamers)   Email for pricing and availability
Green Room Room 138 $100 day or $25/hour
Make-up Room** Room 141 $100 day or $25/hour
* To qualify for the rehearsal rate, you must have two or more days of rehearsal, and have a performance day(s) after the rehearsals.
** No charge with Mainstage or Harper "package"
*** An additional tool use charge will be assessed if you are using any of our stationary tools, or the hand tools. Client is responsible for all fasteners, hardware, etc.
**** An additional charge for machine usage.
***** Dark days will be assessed if the theatre is unable to be rented or used as a classroom when the event is not in session.

Discounts are available to non-profits, sponsored, and UAA groups. 

Rental Form

Reservation Requests

If you are affiliated with the university and have a UAA login, please enter your reservation request in 25Live.

If you do not have a UAA username and password, please contact Dan Anteau, the Fine Arts Building Manager, at or 907-786-1782. Reservation forms are below.


All events are required to be covered by insurance.  The University of Alaska self-insurance covers official UAA events.  Official Anchorage School District events are covered by ASD insurance.  Most non-profit and for-profit organizations have insurance that may cover an off-site event.  Your carrier can email a copy of your insurance rider to Dan Anteau to complete this requirement. 

If you do not have a carrier and need to purchase insurance for your event, the University of Alaska provides renters the option of purchasing insurance through the Tenants' and Users' Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP). Call (907) 450-8157 for details.