RHA Mission and Bylaws

Table of Contents

Mission and Membership

The mission of UAA Residence Hall Association (RHA) is to provide representation and advocacy for all residents living on campus. We are dedicated to fostering community, enriching academics, promoting diversity, and enhancing the experience of residents through programming for the residential community.

Membership shall consist of any student living in the residential community at UAA; it is up to the individual student to exercise their membership and privileges. 

RHA shall not discriminate on the basis of age, color, gender, disability status, height, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or weight.

Section 1: Requirements of the Executive Board Positions

  1. Maintain a minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average.
  2. Maintain regular and consistent contact with the other members of the Executive Board and RHA Advisor.
  3. Attend all RHA General Assembly meetings and Executive Board meetings.
  4. Build and maintain positive relationships with other organizations on campus, including Department of Residence Life and Campus Services staff members.
  5. Contribute to the planning and execution of social, educational, community service, and diversity programs on the residential campus.
  6. Actively participate in all RHA meetings, programs, trainings, activities, and retreats.
  7. Set goals to accomplish together for the year.
  8. Hold three (3) weekly office hours.

Section 2: President

  1. Act as the Chief Executive Officer of RHA as a supervisory support role. 
  2. Arrange and preside over weekly General Assembly and Executive Board meetings. 
  3. Represent UAA at meetings involving the Presidents of RHAs who are members of our regional and national organization. 
  4. Plan and coordinate bi-annual training for the Executive Board and General Assembly with the National Communications Coordinator and RHA Advisor.
  5. Prepare an annual budget with the Business & Administration Manager .
  6. Coordinate the revision of the RHA Bylaws for approval by the General Assembly. 
  7. Act as the official spokesperson to UAA, the press, administration, and other student groups and have signature authority for RHA.
  8. Represent the concerns of RHA to administrators at UAA and members of the community.

Section 3: Vice-President

  1. Will act as the support role to the President.
  2. Work with the student staff of the individual communities on the residential campus to create a connection between them and RHA.
  3. Become the President upon the resignation, impeachment, recall or incapacity of the President. In addition, the Vice President will perform the duties of the President in the temporary absence of inability of the President.

Section 4: National Communications Coordinator (NCC)

  1. Officially represent UAA’s RHA in all matters concerning our regional and national organizations, including attendance at meetings and conferences.
  2. Serve as the leader of any delegation UAA sends to a NACURH-related conference.
  3. Maintain UAA’s affiliation status with NACURH and PACURH.
  4. Prepare all bids for conferences with the assistance of the President and Vice President.
  5. Plan and coordinate bi-annual training with the President and Advisor.
  6. Serve as the RHA Parliamentarian.

Section 5: Business & Administration Manager (BAM)

  1. Take minutes and attendance at both General Assembly and Executive Board meetings. Work with representatives on excused absences for the General Assembly. 
  2. Maintain the RHA budget, including a weekly report of balances, expenses, and income at each General Assembly and Executive Board meeting.
  3. Develop a budget each fiscal year with the President.
  4. Have signature authority for RHA funds, along with the President and RHA Advisor(s).

Section 7: Advocacy & Outreach Coordinator 

  1. Responsible for the publicity of RHA.
  2. Keep accurate records of all RHA events.
  3. Maintain visual records of events.
  4. Publish monthly RHA newsletter for distribution to the UAA residential community.
  5. Attend the meetings of the Union of Students of the University of Alaska Anchorage (USUAA).
  6. Act as a liaison between RHA and other UAA organizations.
  7. Reach out to other UAA organizations on behalf of RHA when necessary.