Residential Campus Visits

The Department of Residence Life invites current and prospective students to visit UAA’s residential campus and learn more about our inclusive, comfortable and educationally-focused community. Visits are offered on a regular basis on the following days and times in conjunction with Green & Gold Visits of UAA’s main campus:

  • Mondays starting at 11:30 am directly following the 9:00 am Green & Gold Enhanced Tour 
  • Wednesdays starting at 12:00 noon directly following the 10 am Green & Gold Visit
  • Wednesdays starting at 5:00 pm directly following the 2:30 pm Green & Gold Enhanced Tour
  • Fridays starting at 11:30 am directly following the 9:00 am Green & Gold Enhanced Tour
  • Fridays starting at 5:00 pm directly following the 3:00 pm Green & Gold Visit

If you are interested in touring UAA’s main campus, information regarding Green and Gold Visits and the registration form can be found on the Admissions website.

Residential Campus Visits begin and end in the Edward Lee Gorsuch Commons located at 3700 Sharon Gagnon Lane, Anchorage, AK 99508. Participants should plan on the visit lasting approximately 45 minutes. 

Interested individuals can register for a Residential Campus Visit by submitting the request form at least 2 business days prior to the scheduled visit. This form can be used to register for one of our regularly scheduled visits or to request a visit outside of these times.

Residential Campus Visit Request Form

If there is anything we can do to enhance your experience, please do not hesitate to contact our Information Desk at 907-751-7202 or via email at

Included in Your Visit

Gorsuch Commons

Gorsuch Commons

Residential Campus Visits begin in the Edward Lee Gorsuch Commons, in the heart of UAA’s residential campus. Participants will be introduced to several key features of the building and many of the services available to residents:

  1. Gorsuch Commons Information Desk: Our residents’ main point of contact for questions or assistance related to housing and dining. The Information Desk also serves as the mailroom for the residential campus and is the location where packages can be retrieved. 
  2. Creekside Eatery: The only buffet-style dining hall on campus where residents can use their meal plans. Residents are permitted to use multiple swipes during one meal period to bring friends or family members with them into the dining hall
  3. Bear Necessities: A convenience store where residents can use their Dining Dollars to purchase basic, essential items. Items in the Bear Necessities are similar to what you may find in a gas station.
  4. Cama-i Room: A social gathering space open each evening during the fall and spring semesters that provides a "home-away-from-home" atmosphere meant to ease the transition of Alaska Native and Indigenous students living on-campus. The staff in the Cama-i Room also host dozens of events and activities throughout the academic year focused on the celebration of Alaska Native culture and the education of the various cultures, histories and traditions of Alaska and the Indigenous populations.

East Hall in winter

Residence Hall

After touring the Gorsuch Commons, groups are then taken to East Hall, the home of our First-Year Residential Experience Program. East Hall is one of three residence halls at UAA, all having the exact same floor plan. Each visit will include:

  1. A quad suite with two shared bedrooms*: While this may not be exactly the layout in our regular quad suites, it just takes a little imagination to visualize a quad with private bedrooms! Outside of our showroom, quads where students are living feature four single bedrooms, two bathrooms and a fully furnished common area in the middle. 
  2. A double suite with two private bedrooms*: Our double suites are essentially one half of the quad suite with two private bedrooms and a private bathroom. These suites are not equipped with the same common area as the quads, making them ideal for students who may be looking for a slightly quieter environment.
  3. Laundry facilities: Each residence hall lobby contains a 24-hour laundry facility equipped with plenty of commercial-grade machines accessible exclusively to residents of the buildings 24 hours a day. Arguably Anchorage's lowest prices for laundry services, a cashless payment system and an app that tracks the progress of your load(s), keeping your clothes clean while living on campus will feel like a breeze!
  4. Communal kitchen: A favorite gathering spot for many residents are the sleek and modern kitchens also in each residence hall lobby. Our kitchens come fully stocked with a variety of cooking and baking essentials students can enjoy 24-hours a day. Before accessing our communal kitchens, students have to pass a short quiz on the fire safety feature of the space. Safety is always our number one priority!
  5. Security features: We are proud to share that our residents overwhelmingly report feeling safe and believing that their property is secure on the residential campus, according to many years of survey data. Safety features include security cameras in the lobbies of the residence halls, the Gorsuch Commons and in residential campus parking areas; the living areas within the residence halls, as well as suite, apartment and bedroom doors are accessed via your Student ID card and/or entering a unique four-digit pin number; a dedicated University police force; and so much more. For a comprehensive list of security features and safety education, please visit our Residential Community Safety webpage

If there is a different room type, such as one of our apartments or a suite in a different residence hall, that you would like to see while visiting the residential campus, please include this information  when completing the Residential Campus Visit Request Form.

*Floor plans for UAA’s residential buildings can be found on our Explore Housing Options webpage. Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the furniture provided by Residence Life during their tour.


Parking for Residential Campus Visits is located in the Willow Parking Lot off of Elmore Road (also shown as Elmore Road Parking on Google Maps). For participants who arrive on-campus with a vehicle, please provide the vehicle’s plate number and issuing state at least 48 hours prior to your arrival on campus if you would like us to cover your parking fee. This information can be submitted by including it in the registration form or sent via email to

Permits are not required to park on UAA’s campus Friday-Sunday, during interim periods between semesters, on holidays when there are no classes or outside weekday enforcement hours. ADA accessible spaces, brown permit spaces, priority parking, student housing lots, as well as, loading zones and lanes are enforced, as posted, year-round.