Check-in Days


  • Fall Check-in
      • Check-in for the fall semester takes place Thursday – Sunday of the week prior to the start of classes. Typically check-in hours are 10 am – 5 pm Thursday and Friday and noon - 4 pm Saturday and Sunday. We’ll communicate with you in August to verify the check-in times. 
  • Spring Check-in
      • Check-in for the spring semester takes place Saturday and Sunday prior to the start of classes. Typically check-in hours are noon – 4 pm. We’ll communicate with you in December/January to verify the check-in times.
  • Summer Check-in
      • Check-in for the summer sessions takes place by appointment the week prior to the start of classes. The Housing Office will contact you to schedule a check-in time once your application has been confirmed.


Check-in for all assignments begins in the Gorsuch Commons, 3700 Sharon Gagnon Lane, Anchorage, AK 99508.

Getting to UAA Housing

Taxis are available just outside of baggage claim at the Anchorage Airport.  A taxi from there to UAA Housing is approximately $25 - $30. Please see the map for details on locations of the halls and the Gorsuch Commons for check-in.


UAA parking passes are not required to park in the residential parking lots during check-in (enforcement starts once school starts). North, East and West Halls all have a limited loading/unloading area in front of the halls, and volunteers will be available to help you unload your things in the fall. Because it will be very busy, please unload as quickly as possible and then park your car in one of the lots to allow other students to use the unloading zones. Do NOT park in the red curb areas - these are fire lanes and you will be ticketed and towed. Parking lots are noted on the map.

Fall Immunization Clinic

The Student Health and Counseling Center will be sponsoring an Immunization Clinic in the Gorsuch Commons during fall check-in to collect documentation or administer any missing immunizations for students who are not yet compliant. If you have not submitted your immunization documentation or are missing any required immunizations, you’ll be required to visit the Immunization Clinic prior to checking in. To expedite your check-in, please have your immunizations up to date and your documentation submitted prior to check-in.

Get your Wolfcard

Your Wolfcard will be your key to your room (along with a pin number that will be given to you at check-in). If you don’t already have a Wolfcard, you can get one at the Gorsuch Commons when you check in.

What you’ll need to Check In

  • Be sure to bring a driver’s license or photo ID for check-in.
  • To save time, have all your immunization forms submitted to the Health Center prior to check-in. Note for fall check-in: If you’re not fully compliant at the time of check-in, you’ll need to visit the Immunization Clinic in the Gorsuch Commons prior to checking in.
  • Be sure to complete all your online check-in forms before arriving. You'll recieve an email in August or January when the check-in forms are available.

Special Group Early Arrivals for Fall Semester

  • During the summer sessions, most of residential campus operates like a hotel for visiting groups, conferences, etc. through our Conference Services department. Once the Conference Services season closes, we have a very limited window to do maintenance and clean rooms before fall check-in. For this reason, we are generally not able to offer early check-in unless you are part of a group authorized for early arrival. Below are groups that typically have an early move-in date. Early move-in fees are generally required. Please contact your group leader or coach for additional information.
    • Residence Life Staff (RAs or PAWS): Your Residence Life supervisor will communicate with you about your check-in dates. 
    • UAA Athletic Teams:  If you are a member of a UAA athletic team that requires an early arrival, your arrival date will be coordinated between your coach and the Housing Office.
    • International Exchange Students:  International students must be pre-approved before August 10 for early arrival starting the Monday of check-in week.
    • Native Early Transition (NET) Program:  Students participating in the NET program can move in starting the Monday of check-in week.  Please see your program leader for information on NET Program schedules and program check-in.  
  • Non-Approved Students
      • Please find alternate accommodations until the residence halls open on Thursday of fall check-in week or Saturday of spring check-in week. If you arrive early, we will likely not be able to accommodate you. If we are able to make an exception, you will be charged $125 per night for your early arrival.
      • Please note that New Student Orientation offers an Out-of-Area Orientation scheduled on Friday of fall check-in week for students who will be checking in to student housing. Students who plan to attend a different New Student Orientation session taking place prior to check-in should find alternate accommodations until the residence halls open on Thursday of fall check-in week. 

Late or After Hour Arrivals

  • If you are arriving in Anchorage after the formal check-in dates, please contact the Housing Office to coordinate your check-in. If you haven’t checked in by Sunday of check-in week and haven’t scheduled a late check-in, we may give your room away to another student and your deposit would be forfeit.
  • If your flight arrives before or after check-in hours during the check-in days, please contact the Housing Office for further instructions. We’ll give you the number of the RA-on-duty who can let you in to your room for the evening and you can complete your check-in the next day.

Helpful Hints for Check-in Day:

  • A helpful tip for packing your belongings before arrival: pack similar items in the same box. For example, place all bedding and linens in one box, clothes in another, movies and games in another, etc. This will make finding what you want to unpack much faster and easier.
  • Complete your Room Condition Report prior to unpacking your belongings. It is easier to inspect the room this way! We’ll tell you all about your Room Condition Report when you check in.
  • Spend some time rearranging your provided furniture before moving your personal belongings into the room. You might realize that the 50” plasma TV in your dad’s truck won’t fit after all.
  • Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes, and light clothing.
  • Label all boxes with your last name, building name and room number. This way, our move-in volunteers will know where your boxes go, should you get separated from them.
  • Pack belongings in easy-to-carry boxes and plastic containers.
  • Be sure that everything is sealed in a waterproof container.
  • Clothes on hangers are difficult to carry up stairs.
  • Bring wheeled luggage carriers or a lightweight hand truck--carts are provided by On-Campus Living, but many people are looking to use them at the same time, so there may not be one available when you need it.
  • When unpacking, start by arranging larger items in your room before unpacking smaller items.