Residential Curriculum

The Residential Curriculum

One of the unique features of living on campus is the focus we place on creating supportive environments where learning and growth opportunities are intentionally built into the experience. In 2021, the Department of Residence Life introduced a residential curriculum to our campus in an effort to enhance the experience of living on campus. Curricular approaches to residential education are supported by decades of research and used by colleges and universities across the country.

The Structure of the Residential Curriculum

A residential curriculum refers to the structured approach to learning that guides the work we do in Residence Life. The curriculum is founded on an educational priority that identifies what students should get out of living on campus. This educational priority is broken down into different learning goals with associated implementation strategies.

Our Residential Curriculum

Educational Priority: As a result of living on campus at UAA, residents will be socially responsible and educated individuals who are positively connected to their communities. 

  • Learning Goal #1 Educational Success: Residents will cultivate skills and gain knowledge of resources that contribute to their academic success. Residents can apply these skills in real world settings, while learning how to advocate for what they need to be successful. 
  • Learning Goal #2 Social Responsibility: Residents will develop an understanding of their own identity and impact on the community. Socially responsible residents will increase their appreciation for other cultures and perspectives and will take a proactive approach to finding solutions to injustices. 
  • Learning Goal #3 Community Connectedness: Residents will be engaged, invested, and collaborative members of society. Out of a sense of belonging, residents will utilize their education to make positive and innovative contributions to their communities.

Our Commitment to Residents

The professional and student staff members in Residence Life work hard to make residents’ time living on campus as impactful as possible. Residents have access to vital resources, programming, professional development opportunities, educational experiences, and academic support in an effort to achieve our learning goals and ultimately our stated educational priority. We hope residents take full advantage of all Residence Life has to offer!