Lockouts, Maintenance and Wi-Fi

UAA Campus Services employs a professional maintenance and custodial team, as well as a team of student workers, to manage maintenance, lock and key issues and common area cleaning needs in the residential community.


If you have lost or forgotten your Wolfcard and are locked out of your room, suite or building, or if you are having trouble with your lock, please follow the steps below for help: 

  • From 8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday, call 907-529-9177 for assistance, or come to the Residence Life Information Desk in the Gorsuch Commons between 10 am and 5 pm to get a temporary key.
  • From 5 pm - 8 am, Monday - Friday, on weekends or holidays when the University is closed, call your RA-on-Duty for assistance.  

A few things to note about lockouts and Wolfcards: 

  • Students are permitted two lockouts (not including any maintenance or hardware issues with your lock), free of charge, per semester. Each additional lockout will result in a charge equivalent to the cost of a replacement Wolfcard being placed on the student's account.
  • The Residence Life Information Desk can print Wolfcards for students who are new moving into student housing or if their current Wolfcard is damaged and needs to be reprinted. If your Wolfcard has been lost or stolen, you'll need to get a new Wolfcard at Eugene Short Hall or the Consortium Library. Please visit the Wolfcard website for more information about where to get a new Wolfcard. 

Work Orders

If something breaks or you need maintenance assistance, you can place a “Work Order” with the Residence Life Information Desk.

Four ways to place a Work Order

  • Complete a Work Order Form on Roompact
  • Visit the Residence Life Information Desk in the Commons to place the order in person
  • Call the Residence Life Information Desk at 907-751-7202. If you are calling when the desk is closed, please leave a detailed message including your name, building and room number and a call-back number and your work order will be submitted as soon as possible once the desk is open.
  • Email Residence Life at uaa.residencelife@alaska.edu

Emergency Maintenance

If your apartment, suite or room has an emergency issue, call the Lockouts and Emergency Maintenance line during business hours (8 am and 5 pm, Monday - Friday) at 907-529-9177, or your RA-on-duty after hours, on weekends or holidays as soon as you discover the problem. If the emergency happens outside of business hours, the RA will notify a Residence Coordinator (RC) who will call in the maintenance crew if the situation warrants it.

The following maintenance issues are generally considered to be emergencies:

  • Plumbing (toilet or radiator leakage, or anything involving leaking or standing water)
  • Broken window
  • Fire safety equipment issue (fire alarm is activated or beeping)
  • Loss of heat or hot water
  • Electricity outage
  • Key/lock issues (cannot unlock or open your door)
  • Any situation that compromises the health or safety of residents or the community.

Note: Students and staff with the ANSEP Middle School Programs in North Hall should contact ANSEP on-call staff for any emergency maintenance issues such as broken door locks, leaks, etc. ANSEP Middle School Program staff should contact the University Police Department (UPD) and not Residence Life staff for any other emergency situations. 

Some Important Things to Know About Maintenance and Work Orders

  • While we cannot guarantee residents won’t be charged for damages they caused, our main purpose is to help return your suite or apartment to full working order! Please don’t let fear of charges deter you from reaching out if you need assistance with a maintenance issue.
    • Please note that students can be charged for failure to report an issue in your suite or apartment that then leads to further maintenance issues. An example is a failure to report leaking or standing water that then causes further damage to floors, appliances, walls or units below. 
  • Please don’t attempt to fix maintenance issues on your own! Our department has special tools and equipment to address any issue that might arise in your suite or apartment, as well as access to a team of expert trade workers. Attempting to fix issues on your own often times makes the issue more difficult and expensive to resolve. 
  • The furniture provided in your suite or apartment is commercial grade quality, meaning it is built to last for a long time. This also means it is more expensive than what you would find in a furniture store, so please take care when interacting with it. 
  • Please do not contact UAA Facilities & Campus Services if you have a housing maintenance issue! This department covers maintenance for the whole UAA campus, while our team specifically works on issues on residential campus. Work Orders related to campus housing submitted to the main Facilities and Campus Services office will be forwarded to the Residence Life office, but may cause major delays in response time as they get forwarded back to our team to address. 
  • Residents with assistance animals should note that any damages caused by the assistance animal are the responsibility of the owner. 
  • If you continue to have a maintenance issue after after a work order has already been completed, don’t hesitate to reach out again and let us know. 

Custodial Services

The UAA Housing Custodial Team works to maintain a clean and comfortable living environment in the common areas of your building and in the Gorsuch Commons. They are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing floors, lounges, laundry rooms, etc. Note: the custodial team is not responsible for cleaning of occupied private rooms, suites and apartments. It’s the responsibility of residents to clean their own rooms, suites or apartments.

If you see an event or situation that may require custodial cleanup in a common area, please place a Work Order with the Residence Life Information Desk in the Commons.


Internet and Wi-Fi service on residential campus is provided by Apogee. If you have any issues with the Wi-Fi connection, an Apogee representative is available 24 hours a day to assist you. 

  • Call support at (866) 264-2837
  • Email support@apogee.us
  • Chat live at https://uaa.apogee.us
  • Receive support directly from your Apogee app

Please follow these instructions for connecting to Wi-Fi in the Residence Halls or Apartments

From a PC and Mac: When connecting for the first time, go to your wireless settings and connect to “MyResNet Start Here”. This will automatically take you to the online portal (https://uaa.apogee.us) where you can sign in.


Mobile:  Download the Apogee ResNet app from the App store

  • Create Account: You can do this through the app or the portal
    • Sign in using your UAA credentials and create an account
    • Once your account has been created, sign back in and click on “show wi-fi password” under the Add Devices Tab. You can change your wi-fi password here to something unique. 
    • You will use this Wi-Fi password to connect your devices to the network.
  • Connect to the Network
    • Navigate to the wireless settings on each device
    • Connect to MyResNet-5G (Always use 5G however you can connect to MyResNet2G if your device is not 5G compatible)
    • Enter your Wi-Fi password when prompted to connect 
    • Enable the “auto-join” feature 

 Helpful Tips:

  • MyResNet-5G: Connect to MyResNet-5G for the fastest Wi-Fi connection. This should be your default setting.
  • MyResNet Start Here: Forget this network once you have created your account.