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More than 400 items donated through 'Foundations for Success' charity drive


Jan. 25, 2014: Wolf Run


2014 Second Bridge Scholarship Award


Spring 2014: Dr. Alex Hills Engineering & Civic Engagement Award


Gymnasts ramp up for new season

UAA Gymnastics

UAA's young gymnastics team and their veteran coaching staff (50 years of combined UAA experience) are kicking off their competitive season this month and are full of excitement for their new space at the Alaska Airlines Center. Get an inside look at one of the team's recent practices.

Alumni Spotlight: Andrea Akerelrea, B.S. Nursing '08

I Am UAA - Andrea Akerelrea

This Yu'pik-Caucasian went from an interest in anthropology to an eventual career in nursing, and credits UAA's Recruitment and Retention of Alaska Natives into Nursing (RRANN) program for helping her find her way. She now works as a pediatrics nurse at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage.

UAA offers Alaska Native words of welcome

Native Language Signs

Signs are going up around campus bearing words of welcome for Alaska Native students and faculty, in their own languages. It's part of an effort to provide a sense of community and belonging here at UAA, for indigenous Alaskans seeking an education in Anchorage.

Research: What turtles might tell us about surviving heart attacks

Jonathan Stecyk

Everybody's heard the term lab rat. But lab turtle? As it turns out, these critters on a half-shell have an amazing capacity to survive on little or no oxygen. UAA professor Jonathan Stecyk and undergraduate researchers are working hard to understand how.

Student Spotlight: Kira Eckenweiler

I Am UAA - Kira Eckenweiler

Her hometown is a coastal area of Western Alaska near Nome, where she returns from school to hunt, fish and enjoy friends and family. Her home away from home, however, is the stage of an opera. Meet UAA music performance student Kira Eckenweiler.

January 2014: UAA Campus Bookstore events


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