Housing and Dining Agreement

On-Campus Living at the University of Alaska Anchorage offers three types of housing agreements:

  • Academic Year Agreement (fall and spring semesters)
  • Spring Semester Only Agreement (spring semester)
  • Summer Semester Agreement (one or both summer sessions)

Students can apply for housing anytime during the year and rates will be prorated depending on the actual move-in date.

2019/2020 Academic Year

Housing and Dining Agreement

  • Section 1 - Agreement Cancellation and Release Schedule
    1. The refund schedule below applies to the date the applicant submits the Cancellation Form.
    2. If the student resides in student housing and cancels mid-semester or mid-year, the refund schedule below applies to the date the student vacates student housing, regardless of when the Cancellation Form is submitted


    2019/2020 Academic Year Agreement

    Refund Schedule

    Before August 1

    Refund deposit and 100% of Fall semester Housing charges

    August 1 – August 21

    Forfeit deposit and refund 100% of Fall semester Housing and Dining charges

    August 22 – September  9

    Forfeit deposit and refund 90% of Fall semester Housing and Dining charges (or amount of dining plan remaining if amount used is greater than 10%)

    September 10 – September 23

    Forfeit deposit and refund 50% of Fall semester Housing and Dining charges (or amount of dining plan remaining if amount used is greater than 50%)

    September 24 – December 16

    Forfeit deposit and no refund on Fall semester Housing and Dining charges and full refund of Spring charges.

    December 17 – January 27

    Forfeit deposit and no refund of Fall Housing and Dining charges, and 90% refund on Spring Housing and Dining charges (or amount of dining plan remaining if amount used is greater than 10%)

    January 28 – February 17

    Forfeit deposit and refund 50% of Spring semester Housing and Dining charges (or amount of dining plan remaining if amount used is greater than 50%)

    February 18 – May 4

    Forfeit deposit and no refund of Spring Housing and Dining charges.

  • Section 2 - Eligibility
    1. Student Status
        1. UAA's residential communities are open to any UAA student who is enrolled in nine or more credits per semester for undergraduate students and three or more credits for graduate students. Requests for exceptions should be directed to the Director of University Housing before enrolling in less than the minimum credits or falling below the minimum credits. Students enrolled in less than the minimum credits without the advance permission of the Director of University Housing will be given a maximum of 48 hours to vacate student housing and will be charged according to Section 1 - Agreement Cancellation and Release Schedule.
    2. Other Eligibility Requirements
        1. Due to the academic nature of UAA’s residential communities, resident students are expected to make academic progress while living on campus.
        2. Students must meet all financial obligations they have with the University and their billing accounts must be in good standing. Students who have a financial account hold at the end of the fall semester will be required to vacate student housing following fall finals until their account balances have been paid.
        3. Housing may be denied or an agreement terminated on the basis of past or present behavior if, in the judgment of the Senior Student Affairs Officer or designee, such behavior may threaten University property or the health and safety of residents. All students must abide by the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Section 3 - Occupancy
    1. Room Reservation and Assignment
        1. Room assignments are made at the discretion of University Housing. Preferences indicated on an application are not guaranteed. University Housing must approve changes to room assignments in advance. The University may assign or reassign students for financial, safety, or behavioral reasons, or without cause. Reassignment may result in higher fees.
        2. Roommates are assigned without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, Vietnam or disabled veteran status, mental or physical disability, changes in marital status, pregnancy, or parenthood.
        3. On Campus Living at UAA embraces diversity and inclusion as core values. Transgender students are welcomed and are afforded access to housing assignments consistent with their gender identity.
        4. UA is an AA/EO employer and educational institution and prohibits illegal discrimination against any individual.
    2. Intentions Process
        1. All residents are required to participate in the annual “Intentions Process” held mid-spring semester. During this process, students will complete an application indicating whether they plan to return to student housing in the fall. Students who do not participate in the Intentions Process during the dates set by the Housing Office must reapply for the next academic year and pay all applicable application fees should they decide to return to campus housing.
    3. Occupancy Over Thanksgiving, Spring and Winter Break Periods.
        1. Students may continue to occupy their rooms over the Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring break periods with no additional charge.
        2. Meal service is not provided over the Winter Break.
    4. Forfeiture of Room Reservation
        1. A room reservation is considered forfeited when check-in is not completed during the University’s published check-in schedule. A forfeited room reservation is subject to all charges as shown in Section 1 - Agreement Cancellation and Release Schedule. The amount forfeited constitutes liquidated damages. Both parties acknowledge that actual damages could be difficult to prove.
  • Section 4 - Financial Information
    1. General Information
        1. All University Housing and Dining fees must be paid by the academic payment deadline.
        2. UAA Anchorage mandatory Student Life fees (Athletics/Recreational Sports, Student Activities, and Student Health & Counseling Services) are charged to all enrolled students living in the UAA Anchorage residence halls or apartments.
        3. Failure to pay all fees according to this agreement may result in the assessment of additional costs associated with the collection of this debt. To prevent a student from incurring additional debt, registration activity may be blocked and students may be denied housing at all University of Alaska campuses until the debt is paid in full.
        4. By agreeing to this contract, students authorize the University of Alaska to make any inquiries deemed necessary in connection with the review of information concerning a student's ability to make payment. Tuition and fees charged to a payment plan for the current semester are the student's responsibility and installment payments must be made on or before the due dates specified for each installment. Installment amounts may change over time to account for any new charges, payments, or financial aid adjustments. If a student defaults on a payment plan or financial aid fails to pay, students will be responsible for the total amount due. The University may garnish a student's Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend under Alaska Statutes 14.40.251 and 43.23.073 and past due debt may be reported to a local credit bureau. Students agree to reimburse the University of Alaska the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 40% of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, the University of Alaska incur in such collection efforts.
        5. Charges may be audited, corrected and adjusted before the end of the current semester. Students are notified of adjustments by email. The university reserves the right to change its fees at any time.
    2. Security deposit
        1. A security deposit is required to be submitted with this Agreement unless already on account. The purpose of this deposit is: (1) faithful performance of the agreement, and (2) for damages beyond normal wear and tear. The security deposit does not represent the maximum liability for charges associated with damages or violating terms of this agreement. The security deposit, less any charges for damages, will be returned approximately ten weeks after the end of the student’s final agreement session. The current security deposit amount and other Housing rates can be found at the University Housing website.
        2. Failure to check out according to Section 5 – Termination of Occupancy, will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit.
  • Section 5 - Termination of Occupancy
    1. Involuntary Termination of Occupancy
        1. Housing and Dining privileges may be terminated by the University for cause. Cause includes, but is not limited to violating federal, state, or local laws and ordinances, violating Board of Regent’s policies, University regulations, rules and procedures, including the Student Code of Conduct, failing to remain enrolled in the minimum number of credits at UAA as stipulated in Section 2 - Eligibility, and for non-payment of Housing charges or other UAA fees. Students whose housing agreements are terminated for cause must vacate their suite or apartment within a maximum of 72 hours.
        2. The University may terminate this agreement without cause with ten days written notice.
        3. Termination of this agreement by UAA with or without cause or abandonment of the assigned room or meal plan by the student does not release the student from financial obligations owed to the University. Section 1 - Agreement Cancellation and Release Schedule will be used to determine appropriate release charges.
    2. Voluntary Termination of Occupancy and Meal Plan
        1. The Housing Agreement for students entering in the fall semester is a year-long contract covering both fall and spring semesters. Students who wish to cancel their agreement before the end of the spring semester must complete an online Cancellation Form to request a release from this agreement. Cancellations are subject to Section 1 - Agreement Cancellation and Release Schedule above.
        2. If a cancellation request is submitted after check-in, the student has until midnight on the agreed upon check out date to completely vacate student housing. The student will indicate their check-out date on the Cancellation Agreement Form.
        3. Unless otherwise indicated, a cancellation applies to both housing and dining plans subject to the dates and fees listed in Section 1 - Agreement Cancellation and Release Schedule.  If a student is not withdrawing from UAA classes and wishes to keep their meal plan after moving out, they can indicate that on the Cancellation Form.
        4. Students who cancel their agreement before the terms of the agreement are up at the end of the spring semester will generally forfeit their deposit (see Section 1 - Agreement Cancellation and Release Schedule above). A student may request a waiver of the deposit forfeiture, which may be granted or denied in the sole discretion of the University. Waivers are available in very limited circumstances such as medical disability, death of an immediate family member, change in marital or parental status, graduation, termination of exchange program participation, and involuntary change in employment location or student teaching/internship assignments more than 40 miles away from housing To request an exception, students must complete the Request for Exception to Housing Agreement Form. This form must be submitted within thirty days of move out. Exceptions are not considered for student's failure to comply with published deadlines or changes in financial status. Requests for waivers are reviewed by the Office of University Housing, Dining and Conference Services.
    3. Checkout and Vacating Terms
      1. Prior to vacating, students are expected to clean and return their housing unit to pre-checkin condition and leave all furnishings and equipment in good order and repair. Checkout instructions are as follows:
        1. Clean you room and common areas of your suite so that someone new could move into it. Wipe down surfaces and vacuum.
        2. Be sure all personal belongings are removed.
        3. Contact an RA to schedule a checkout appointment and complete a Checkout Room Condition Report (RCR).
        4. Be sure your bedroom door is closed and latched before you leave.
      2. Students who wish to by-pass the RA checkout appointment and checkout RCR can indicate this by choosing Express Checkout on the Cancellation Form. Students who choose Express Checkout waive any right to contest cleaning or damage charges that may be applied to their room or common areas of their suite.
      3. Cleaning and damages beyond normal wear and tear are charged to residents. Equipment or furnishings that are missing or damaged beyond repair are billed to the resident at replacement cost plus labor. Students who have completed a Checkout RCR may submit an appeal in writing to the University Housing Office within fourteen days of receipt of the Damage Charges notification email to contest the assessment of damages or the amount assessed.
      4. Failure to completely vacate according to the policies, procedures and deadlines established will result in the assessment of an improper checkout charge and a per-day room use charge until vacated.
      5. The University may, in its sole discretion, store personal belongings left behind at the student’s expense for thirty days, after which time they will be disposed of.
      6. Upon termination of the Agreement, the University shall have, and is hereby granted, full and free right to remove property of the student or others from the premises without being guilty of trespass, eviction, or forcible entry and detainer, and without relinquishing any of the University’s legal rights. University Housing may assess disposal fees for abandoned belongings that include labor, disposal, and administrative costs.
  • Section 6 - Facilities Usage and Maintenance
    1. Facilities Usage and Maintenance
        1. The preservation of student housing public areas is the joint responsibility of all residents assigned to a specific area (hall, wing, stairwell, etc.). Residents are financially responsible for all damages. If individual responsibility cannot be determined, all residents of a specific room, hall, wing, or building may be held financially responsible. Financial responsibility extends to abandoned belongings, excessive cleaning, and damages.
        2. Residents must keep common areas within their apartment or suite clean and orderly. University Housing reserves the right to fill vacant bedrooms at any time. Current residents must provide reasonable storage for incoming residents, and maintain clean and welcoming common areas.
        3. Objects may not be attached to University property by way of nails, screws, or other means that may cause a stain, hole, chipped paint or other damage. If hanging objects on the wall, painter’s tape must be used.
        4. Student housing units and University property within may not be painted, altered, repaired, remodeled, or modified in any way.
        5. The installation of television or radio antennas is not permitted. Cable television service is provided for students living on campus.
        6. Waterbeds, hot tubs, aquariums over ten gallons, or other such containers are not permitted in the residential community.
        7. The removal of University property, including furnishings and appliances from student housing units is not permitted under any circumstances. Storage facilities are provided in most student housing units for storing personal belongings.
        8. Flammable materials, firearms, slingshots, ammunition, fireworks, or other explosives are not permitted in student housing units. Firearm storage is provided through the University Police Department (907) 786-1120.
        9. Incense, halogen lamps, and open flames such as candles are not permitted in student housing units or common areas.
        10. Tampering with fire extinguishers and/or cabinets, smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, or other safety equipment is prohibited.
        11. The installation and/or use of privately owned cook tops, cooking devices, ovens, space heaters, other such heating devices, full-size refrigerators or freezers or washing machines are not permitted in the residence halls or apartments.
        12. All residential suites, apartments and building interiors are smoke free. Since November 19, 2015 UAA is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is only permitted outside of campus boundaries. Cleaning and or damage charges related to smoking are the responsibility of the resident.
        13. The University may close a residence and reassign residents to available space in other residences or within a residence when sufficient vacancies occur and/or the need arises.
        14. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to possession or use of illegal drugs or substances, including marijuana, possession or use of alcoholic beverages by persons under Alaska’s legal age, relocation of University furniture from one room to another, keeping of pets, and cooking, grilling, or smoking in unauthorized areas.
    2. Miscellaneous
      1. Except in the event of a bona fide emergency, bedroom and common area windows within UAA Housing facilities should never be used as an exit.
      2. Students living in the residential communities are required to attend a community meeting during the first semester of each academic year. Community meetings are an opportunity for students to become familiar with the services, get to know staff, and review policies and procedures applicable to Residence Life, Housing and Dining, and other University departments.
      3. Students are encouraged to obtain insurance coverage for personal property. The University is not responsible and does not provide insurance for the loss or theft of, or damage to personal property. This includes damage caused by failure or interruption of utilities.
      4. Residents are responsible for following Board of Regent’s policies, University regulations, procedures, and rules related to living on campus and student behavior. The Guide to Living on Campus and the Fact Finder handbooks outline students’ rights and responsibilities, university resources, and guidelines and policies.
      5. Residents are responsible for information and updates sent to their campus mailbox, cell phone and/or preferred e-mail as declared in their UAOnline accounts.
      6. Housing units including all common and storage areas may not be sublet.
      7. Other than fish in a ten-gallon (or smaller) aquarium, animals are not permitted in the residential communities. Residents are responsible for all cleaning and/or pet removal charges. Service or assistance animals for persons with disabilities are exempt from this provision provided that prior to check-in, verification of the need for service is provided to and approval is obtained from the Disability Support Services office, (907) 786-4530.
      8. Valid parking permits, available from the University Parking Office on-line, are required for parking in any housing lot. Residents are restricted from parking in housing visitor parking spaces.
      9. Businesses may not be conducted from a housing suite or apartment, nor on the surrounding residential grounds.
      10. Students shall not make any material alterations in the space including all common and storage areas without express written permission from University Housing; shall not damage nor permit the damage of any part of the space; shall not do or permit the doing of anything that shall constitute a fire or health hazard; shall not throw or put items out the window; and shall not permit the accumulation of waste and refuse within the space. Violations of these terms and conditions may be considered sufficient reason for monetary fines and disciplinary action, including but not limited to termination of one’s Housing Agreement.
  • Section 7 - Entry and Inspection
    1. The University reserves the right to enter residential suites or apartments to perform necessary maintenance, health and safety inspections, enforcement of policy, and/or emergencies. The University may exhibit the premises to laborers or contractors or as is otherwise necessary.
    2. University staff may enter residential suites or apartments to perform regularly scheduled and announced safety and facility visits for maintenance, safety, and health purposes.
    3. In the event that students have an empty bedroom in their suite or apartment, all current residents are responsible for maintaining reasonable common area cleanliness with the expectation that the Housing office may place an incoming student in that bedroom mid-semester. Students leaving Anchorage over the Winter Break period will leave their suites and apartments reasonably clean in anticipation of new incoming students for the Spring semester.
    4. Housing reserves the right to clean common areas of currently occupied apartments and suites on behalf of incoming residents, and assess cleaning fees to the current residents of that apartment or suite.
  • Section 8 - Student Health and Dining
    1. Health
        1. All residents must provide the Student Health and Counseling Center with evidence that they are in compliance with the UAA Student Health and Counseling Center’s Residential Student Immunization policy prior to check-in.
        2. The University assumes no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for medical care. Such costs and services are the responsibility of the student and/or his/her parents or legal guardian. Students are encouraged to obtain their own medical and hospitalization insurance. Information regarding student health insurance plans is available from the Student Health Center.
        3. In the event of sickness, injury, or emergency, University personnel may contract for emergency care on behalf of the student, but the student will be financially responsible for all costs incurred.
    2. Dining
        1. University Dining requires the purchase of one of the mandatory meal plans designed for residence hall students during the fall and spring semesters. Due to low occupancy during break periods and some holidays, meal service is not provided during the winter break.
        2. The selection of a specific meal plan becomes binding for each academic semester at 5:00 pm on the second Friday of classes. Meal plan changes made in conjunction with a room move from the residence halls to the apartments can be facilitated if the request is made no later than the third Wednesday of instruction. Changes may not be made after that time. Refunds or additional charges will be calculated based on the effective date of the change.
        3. Residents are strongly encouraged to eat all meals and use all dining points offered in the specific plan selected. Unused meals and dining dollars remaining at the end of each semester are forfeited.
  • Section 9 - Guests
    1. Guests are welcome in the apartments and residence halls provided a resident accompanies them at all times. Guests in the residence halls may use the vestibule phone to call their host for an escort from the main lobby to their host's suite. Hosts are responsible for checking in their guests at their residence hall front desk, and are responsible for their guest at all times. It is the responsibility of the host resident to ensure that guests follow all University regulations. Guests who violate the privacy of roommates or any community guidelines may be asked to leave.
    2. Overnight guest are welcome in the apartments and residence halls provided a resident accompanies them at all times, and only if all residents of the apartment/suite have been informed and have given their consent. Overnight guests must sleep in the host resident's bedroom. Guests may not stay longer than three consecutive nights in a residential suite or apartment. Regardless of the number of residents who host them, an individual who is not a resident may not stay longer than eight nights per month in UAA's Residential Community. Students found abusing the guest policy are subject to disciplinary actions which may result in loss of guest privileges.
  • Section 10 - Media Release
    1. By signing this agreement, I give the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) permission to photograph, videotape or record me and to use the photographs, videotape, electronic file, film or audio recording in print and electronic publication, video broadcasts, radio broadcasts, housing database, or any similar electronic and mechanical means. I agree that the photographs, including negatives, slides, prints or any other presentation of the images, are the property of UAA. I waive any right I may have to inspect and/or approve the finished product in which the image may be used. By signing I intend to release and discharge UAA from any and all claims that I may have, and agree to hold harmless and defend UAA from liability arising from claims or litigation arising from its use of my image or voice. A Resident may opt out of this release by filing a written request to the Department of Residence Life (uaa.oncampusliving@alaska.edu).
  • Section 11 - Waiver and Severability
    1. No term or condition of this Agreement can be waived by the University except as authorized in writing by the Director of University Housing and Dining Services or designee. Request must be made in writing. Should any clause or portion of this agreement be held invalid, the other portions of this Agreement remain in full force and effect.
  • Section 12 - Indemnity/Liability
    1. The student will indemnify and hold harmless the University of Alaska, its Board of Regents, officers, and employees from all suits, claims, actions (including reasonable attorney fees and costs) or proposed liability for damage or injury to person(s) or property or loss of property of the student unless the same is caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the University, and for the loss, damage, or destruction to personal belongings in the custody of, belonging to, or stored by the student, regardless of cause. This includes losses that occur in the student’s room, storage room, and private area, in other areas of the hall or campus.
  • Section 13 - Acceptance of Agreement
    1. This Agreement binds the University of Alaska Anchorage and the student. By agreeing to these terms, you are stating that you have read this agreement in full and understand that you are personally responsible for compliance with all the terms of this Agreement. By agreeing to these terms, you are incurring a debt to the university that must be paid.
    2. To cancel this Agreement, you must complete a cancellation form or notify the Housing Office in writing. Cancellations are subject to charges as show above in Section 1 – Agreement Cancellation and Release Schedule.