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Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are available for students who have had the experience of living on a college campus for a year, students who are 21 or older or who have earned more than 18 credits taken on the campus of a college or university. In their first-year at UAA, students participate in the First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE) Program to support their transition to college.

LLCs are dedicated residence hall floors where students with similar interests live together and participate in programs that address their personal and academic needs. Together with academic programs and University departments, Residence Life provides opportunities for residents to interact with their peers, staff, and faculty to facilitate their academic goals and explore new experiences.

LLCs are dedicated residence hall floors where students with similar interests live together and participate in programs that address their personal and academic needs. Together with academic programs and University departments, Residence Life provides opportunities for residents to interact with their peers, staff and faculty to facilitate their academic goals and explore new experiences. The Resident Advisor (RA) for each LLC is intentionally selected and, as much as possible, is a member of the community’s group to ensure they are well equipped to meet the needs of the residents. 

Students will be a part of a close-knit, learning-centered “neighborhood” focused on safety, developing a supportive and inclusive community, and fostering wellness and leadership in each participant. This rewarding residential experience also opens the door for residents to explore common interests with mentors.

Each LLC has its own personality and unique identity with events and activities that encourage academic and social growth through positive and respectful contributions to the community. Most of all, living in one of our LLCs is a fun and exciting way to enhance your college experience.

Common LLC Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes help students understand the purpose of a program or educational activity and what they are supposed to learn from them. The following learning outcomes are common to all LLCs at UAA:

  • Strengthen the residents’ sense of belonging at the institution and their connection to the community.
  • Expose residents to leadership and other engagement opportunities available to them in the community, including connections to University administrators and faculty members eager to mentor and assist residents in reaching their potential.  
  • Connect residents to scholarships, grants, awards and other funding opportunities to cultivate a community of students with college payment plans that extend through degree completion.  

Rural Alaska First-Year Transition (RAFT) Living Learning Community

Location: West Hall 2 High Wing


Campus Partners: 

  • Native Student Services: Native Student Services (NSS) provides a safe, affirming space on campus for Alaska Native, Native American, and rural Alaskan students. It is a gathering place where incoming and current students can find academic, advising, and cultural support; access resources; study with classmates; attend culturally empowering events; connect with community representatives; and interact with people who share similar experiences as Indigenous peoples.
  • Alaska Native, Indigenous, & Rural Outreach Program (ANIROP) Coordinator: Through early and continuous outreach efforts, the ANIROP Coordinator connects Alaska Native, Native American, Indigenous and rural students to various services on campus. Services may include academic support and culturally appropriate counseling services, when needed. The ANIROP Coordinator serves residents as a mentor, advocate, transition liaison, personal and academic success ally, resource provider, referral source and educator. As part of these roles, the ANIROP Coordinator builds partnerships with businesses, corporations, agencies and community members, encompassing the Indigenous communities of Anchorage for the benefit of students living on campus.

LLC Description:

The Rural Alaskan First Year Transition (RAFT) Living Learning Community helps rural Alaskan students in their adjustment and transition to their first-year of college by building peer support networks, creating connections among students through activities and events in dedicated spaces such as the Cama-i Room, developing academic skills, and celebrating Alaska Native and Alaskan traditions and culture. Students who participate in the Native Early Transition (NET) program hosted by NSS can move into student housing early to support their participation in this amazing program! NET students are not required to live in the RAFT LLC, but the opportunity is there for residents interested in this experience. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Provide residents with the opportunity to live among peers and build a strong community among residents who understand and appreciate the experience of living in rural communities in Alaska.
  • Orient residents to the many resources available to Alaska Native students and residents from rural communities at the institution, as well as experiences that celebrate and educate the community on Alaska Native cultures, history and traditions.  
  • Engage residents in programming and resources that reflect Indigenous ways of learning and values and are culturally sensitive to the experience of Alaska Natives and residents from rural villages.


  • As the RAFT LLC is housed in the FYRE Community, residents must meet the eligibility requirements for participation in the FYRE Program listed under the  Student Housing Programs section of this webpage.
  • Alaska Native and Indigenous residents (not required) 
  • Experience living in rural Alaska (not required)  
  • An appreciation for and a desire to learn more about the experience of living in rural Alaska 


  • Live with other residents who understand and appreciate the experience of living in rural Alaska. 
  • Live with other Alaska Native and Indigenous people. 
  • Stay connected to resources and services designed to specifically benefit Alaska Native, Indigenous and rural students. 
  • Learn about scholarships, internships or job opportunities specific to students in this LLC. 

Academic Honors Living Learning Community

Location: North Hall 4 Low


Campus Partners: 

  • Office of Admissions: The UA Scholars Award is a $12,000 scholarship awarded to Alaska high school students who are in the top 10% of their class at the end of their junior year as determined by their school. The Award may be used at any University of Alaska campus and is distributed in the amount of $1,500 per semester for eight semesters provided the Scholar remains eligible.
  • University Honors College: The University Honors College offers customized pathways of coursework and experiential learning designed to meet students' unique academic goals. Because being an Honors student is about a lot more than success in classes and a strong GPA, Honors students choose a track in community engagement, global and multicultural studies, leadership, or research and creative activity. Our highly motivated Associate and Bachelor degree students enhance their education in a way that is meaningful to them by working with Honors faculty to design a program of coursework, extracurricular activities, and immersion projects that enriches their college experience. Honors College graduates are deep thinkers, collaborative learners, and passionate individuals with advanced skills and experience in their chosen fields of study, which will distinguish them from their peers when they enter the job market or seek postgraduate education.
    • Donna Aguiniga - Chair, Honors Faculty Board
    • Office: PSB 222C
    • 907-786-6906

LLC Description:

Exclusively open to UA Scholars and students in the University Honors College, the Academic Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) in North Hall provides students the opportunity to live with other academically-focused residents, as well as access to programs and services tailored to their needs. Residence Life collaborates with staff and faculty from across the institution to make this community a fun and scholarly place to live and learn. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Encourage balance and healthy living through thoughtful social programming that is responsive to the rigors of college-level courses, in addition to programming designed to support educational, academic and personal success.
  • Equip residents with the skills and resources necessary to maintain eligibility for the Honors College and the UA Scholars award including opportunities to participate in developmental, leadership and creative activities. 
  • Foster relationship building between faculty and students, especially faculty teaching upper division and honors courses, to create a source for academic support, internships, research projects and networking opportunities.


  • Student in active status with the University Honors College.
  • Recipient of the UA Scholars award.


  • Connection to resources and services that understand and are designed to assist residents in maintaining eligibility for the University Honors College and UA Scholars award.
  • Environment conducive to studying and learning among educationally-focused peers. 
  • Professional networking, internship, leadership and research opportunities tailored to UAA’s best and brightest. 
  • Learn about scholarships that recognize academic excellence and achievements. 


Residence Life is thrilled to share its intention to introduce two new LLCs in the fall of 2023!

Following are the tentative plans for these exciting new community (plans are subject to change).

  • The Great Outdoors Living Learning Community centered on active living and recreational activities in the unique and picturesque landscape Alaska has to offer. This LLC will also feature sustainability as a focus area. This LLC is being coordinated through a partnership between Residence Life and Health, Physical Education & Recreation (HPER).
  • The eSports Living Learning Community will be co-located with an eSports Lounge right in the community and will feature programming around healthy living, time management and respectful communication. This LLC is being coordinated through a partnership between Residence Life and Student Life & Leadership, the department responsible for the eSports Lounge in the Student Union.

Stay tuned for more information later in the 2022-2023 academic year!  

Student Housing Programs

In addition to the LLCs, the Department of Residence Life coordinates a number of housing programs to meet the housing needs of a specific organization or group of students. While housing programs do not have the same programmatic or resource offering as the LLCs, they provide students with an enhanced experience in student housing specific to their organization or group. 

Program Description:

  • UAA strongly believes in the importance of a student’s first year in college and its influence on the rest of a student’s collegiate journey. The FYRE Program is designed to incorporate the following attributes into a student’s living environment: 
  • Social Engagement
  • Academic Success
  • Integration into Campus and College Life
  • Connection to Resources and Support Systems
  • Leadership, Civic Engagement and Professional Development Opportunities

These attributes are known to positively impact first-year students and provide them a strong foundation to build off of going into their second year and beyond!

Program Description:

  • The third floor of West Hall is home to ANSEP’s University Success program. ANSEP’s objective is to effect systemic change in the hiring patterns of Alaska Natives in science and engineering by placing our students on a career path to leadership. ANSEP:
    • improves academic outcomes,
    • eliminates the need for university remediation and associated costs for government and families,
    • increases retention,
    • saves students and their families three years or more years of college tuition and living expenses,
    • saves the state millions in government funding by reducing time to degree.
  • Website:
  • Location: Gender-Inclusive Housing is implemented at the suite or apartment-level, meaning any suite or apartment on residential campus has the potential to be gender-inclusive if all the occupants apply to for GIH.
  • Residence Life Contact: 

Program Description:

Gender-Inclusive Housing is intended for anyone wishing to live with others without consideration given to the gender identity, sex or sexual orientation of potential roommates. Examples may include siblings or friends of the opposite sex who wish to live in the same suite or apartment, residents who are allies or members of the LGBTQIA+ community, residents who are not comfortable living with someone of their same gender, or residents who are exploring their gender identity. Students requesting GIH should be open to rooming with students of any gender, gender expression, sex or sexual orientation. 

UAA  acknowledges the diverse needs of the student body and by implementing GIH, seeks to develop an environment that is positive, respectful and inclusive for all residents.